4 years since BP2 diagnosis
HsvIA posted:
All I have to say is thank you for inventing Lamictal! It took a near divorce and lots of familial arguments for me to gather that what I considered as "normal" behavior wasn't acceptable. Been on Lamictal (300mg/day) for 4 years and life is about as good as could be expected given the normal stresses of life. I do have my good and bad days, but at least I can now identify the behavior as "different" and make a conscious decision to change my demeanor, although it is admittedly much harder to change a depressive mood than a manic one. I have a 19mo old and the last thing I want him to see is how his daddy used to be. Now, if I could find that perfect balance between home and work life...all would be wonderful. Too bad they don't make a wonder drug for that.
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hope7951 responded:
Thanks for this great post! For most people the right med combo makes a huge difference. For me the magic bullet was therapy to close old wounds,help me fix the mess I mad and coping skills to be able to confidently handle anything the world throws at me. Best Wishes