Medications for BPD
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Please get a second opinion if you have chronic problems with your BPD medication. I changed doctors and got a proper diagnosis from chronic severe depression to Bipolar (NOS). I was so happy to finally have a proper diagnosis. If you have to ... go to a larger university/teaching hospital out of town to get a diagnosis.

The right diagnosis and the right medications make all the difference in the world.

And for me ... thinking positively helped with the depression. I woke up each morning and counted my blessings. I also realized I had a bit of a "Seroquel hangover" so I drank my coffee and told myself I would feel better after I woke up. I didn't base how I felt when I woke up as the scenario for the entire day.

BPD can be managed. I went thru hell with a previous psychiatrist and almost committed suicide.

I found a good doctor and my treatment improved my life 100%. Learn all you can .... read all about your meds. If any meds are not working don't just continue to take them and let a doctor prescribe more on top of them.

The most important help I had was my daughters, who became my patient advocates. The psychiatrist walked the line after he knew he was held accountable to someone. After a hospitalization for being unable to sleep for three days, I fired my psychiatrist who yelled at me and told me I was depressed. I told him I couldn't sleep and fired him, was evaluated by another psychiatrist, diagnosed as BPD (NOS), put on Effexor & Seroquel and had the Klonopin reduced and ultimately replaced with three 5 mg. Valiums per day. The Valium did not make me sleepy all day. The Effexor helped with the depression and the Seroquel helped as a mood stabilizer and a sleep aid for insomnia.

A doctor who doesn't care and just prescribes more and more medicine should be a warning sign. Get proper help from someone who has a great reputation.

You are in charge of your life. Just because you have been diagnosed as BP, doesn't mean you can't take charge of your care. Talk to a trusted family member or friend and have them work with you to help you get the proper treatment.

My life is wonderful now. A "bad" doctor stole five years of my life.
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