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    Do you have Borderline Personality Disorder? This new Exchange has been developed so we can encourage each other, share tips to get through those down days, and/or just vent.
    healthy copping skill, any ideas????????????????????????????????????
    it_is_what_it_is posted:
    hi, just wondering if any one out there wants to share there day today copping skills or any other advice on how to live with bpd
    Storm224 responded:
    mary recommended to look into dbt..i am just a beginner so it might sound very basic.but one of the things i liked was trying 2 identify your feelings and thoughts..what is it i am feeling?why do i feel this particular feeling?how is it effecting my behavior? what can i do to change it?u could check out this site
    it_is_what_it_is replied to Storm224's response:
    yea i am right with you, i bought the training manual for dbt on line and i am also trying to get some skills. i am no were ready to feel anything( that is what i am most afraid of) but i would like to figure out ways to cope with out taking it out on myself. mary has been a great help to me, she has a lot of knowledge . i learn from her tips and post daily.
    Storm224 replied to it_is_what_it_is's response:
    if u didn't do it already maybe u should just try 2 read as much as possible, bout the illness. Personally I find that the more i read bout it the less i am afraid of it..(and don't forget I just found out..)
    marysings replied to Storm224's response:
    You two are heading on the right track!

    Getting to know more about Borderline Personality is certainly a very good start. There is tons of information on the internet. Read, read, and read some more. You might also print a lot of the information and begin to put together a notebook of your journey to healing. Don't wear out your selective and use what helps you the most.

    The DBT skills are actually fine tuning the skills you already use in your daily life. Read as much as you can about them! Like many mental health issues, there is a multitude of information on the internet. I've found it helpful to bookmark all of the DBT sites (and the Borderline sites). Anytime you don't understand a skill, please ask me. I'll do my best to help you.

    At some point in your treatment you will need to face your thoughts, memories, emotions. Don't push yourself to do that at home. It is imperative that you do that in therapy. You need to be in the care of a therapist before you open the old wounds. I hope both of you have a therapist who is trained in treating Borderlines. We are hard on therapists because we slip into child-like roles very easily. In fact, many therapists will only have one Borderline in their practice because of this. Also, you may find it necessary to see a Psychologist because they have more training in therapy techniques.

    Bravo for helping each other!

    Hugs to both of you,
    I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
    it_is_what_it_is replied to marysings's response:
    thanks mary, i don't post much, i do read and you and your post, tips etc. have been great resource for me.
    Storm224 replied to marysings's response:

    thank u Mary

    it's so comforting 2 have someone like yourself who can offer support, tips and love. I downloaded a DBT hand book and like u suggested and will talk 2 my psychologist about it..I also have done a lot of reading over the past few days and joined the BPD community on experience project (Mary why won't u join the community there? I'm sure lots of people would appreciate ur advice).I find it really useful to be around people like myself. although I had a few brake trough's in therapy during the past year, now is the first time I truly believe that one day I will be O.K. donna how long it will take, but I know that I will be able to be happy and live a normal and fulfilling life .I started a new episode in my painful journey and I'm sure many people will accommodate me along the way, just wanted to thank u mary for opening the door to this new adventure...

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