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SSI question
joynevercomes2me posted:
has anyone here applied to SSI solely because of their mental issues? i've been gathering all the info i need to do it, but i'm not sure how hard it's going to be. i don't have anyone to help me with it, as my parents are the closest people to me but they don't understand any of this, and if i told them i was even thinking about SSI they'd blow a few gaskets. my jobs have been affected by the stuff i exist with and i have a really hard time some days even functioning and making myself go to work. i just wish i had support. my therapist isn't sure i'm actually "disabled" by my issues, and she's worried that i'll go thru all this to apply and get turned down and it will set me back even more. that's what i'm afraid of too. but i worry about that with a lot of things, that's why i have a lot of unstarted or unfinished projects sitting around...cuz i'm afraid i'll mess them up so i don't even try. i'm so confused, can anybody help?
marysings responded:
I'm on SSI for the depression and fibromyalgia. I'm sure it was the depression that resulted in the final decision.

When I listed my job duties, I was very detailed. In fact, I was very detailed on all of the questions. I explained that I cried daily at work, couldn't remember to do my daily tasks, etc. I figured the more information they had, the better my chances. I also did NOT embelish anything. I can easily make a mountain out of a mole hill, so I was very careful that all answers were detailed, correct, and easily verified by my boss, Dr.B my therapist, and Dr.S my psychiatrist.

I actually received my approval letter 3 weeks after my submission - a record according to everyone I've told. I believe that mental illness is usually denied first, forcing the person to either try again or go to a law firm. I really believe my detail helped me.

I wish you the best.
I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
thelovelylemontree replied to marysings's response:
I got SSI first and then disability with an SSI supplement solely based on my mental issues. It did help, though, that I began the process in TX with one doctor and finished it in KS with another doctor -- both of whom apparently came to the same conclusion (that I was just too depressed/PTSD/borderline) to hold down a real, full-time, salaried job. I just stress out very easily and working full-time is a big stressor. So, I've had both of those since 2005.

It has helped. Although I do need a job to unburden myself of many, many debts, I don't have to worry about having a job versus having a roof over my head and food to eat. It would be nice to be able to buy myself the occasional meal at the Chinese restaurant and have more than $13 to my name every month, but ... with luck, it should happen next month, once my credit card is paid off. (Warning: if you have a penchant for jewelery, do NOT accept a jewelery store credit card.)

I agree with Mary -- I also had a very quick approval. I think mine was approximately 5 weeks, but I do think that at the time, we were both under the same Social Security office (Kansas City, MO) because we lived geographically close to each other. I think mine was actually sent to a smaller branch office first and then sent up to Kansas City, and that was probably what accounted for the extra two weeks between her approval and mine. It really depends on where you live as far as approval time, I think.

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