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so i saw my therapist....
joynevercomes2me posted:
and we talked about a bunch of stuff. we discussed this voice i've heard...she thinks since it's only one voice, it's my depression playing tricks on my brain. if i hear any other voices or if this one gets real bad i'm supposed to let her know. we talked about getting me into some social i start an informal group therapy monday, and a DBT therapy group on thursday. i'm really nervous about those, so we'll see how i do. we also talked about the fact that i think about ending my life a lot. we discussed that if things didn't get better in the next couple weeks, i'm going to have to go to the hospital. i understand the reasons why and i'm ok with going because i know it will help (at least while i'm there), but i need someone to take care of my dog. she said i could be in there up to 2 weeks so it'd probably be best if he could go to someone's house, but the only 2 people i know who might help me out have dogs that don't like i have a couple weeks to figure out something with him. oh and he can't go to a kennel cuz he doesn't have his shots or a license. so i gotta ask around. wish me luck.
marysings responded:
It seems to me that your therapist really cares about you. I hope you enjoy the group therapies, in particular the DBT skills group.

If you have to go inpatient, be sure to post here so we know that you will be away for awhile.

Your dog has no shots? Is that safe for both of you?

I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
Storm224 responded:
I learned that women don't want to hear solutions.. But joy..have u thought bout a dog sitter? Just be careful. My grandmother gave her dog to a dog sitter couple weeks ago when she went on vacation, when she returned the women told her the dog escaped. Since her story doesn't make sense, my grandma thinks she sold her.And good luck with the groups..wish i could join a real DBT group!!
joynevercomes2me replied to marysings's response:
Mary...yeah i think K does care for me. she's getting worried about me. and i'm worried about me too. in fact, i was pretty ok all day yesterday til i laid down in bed and was writing in my journal, and then my thoughts just went pretty far south.

i haven't had a very good day today, just so tired, and after i got to work, 2 of my supervisors called me in their office, and i got talked to about a couple incidences and got written up for one. then i started crying and they wanted me to tell them what was going on, so i let them know about some of my probs, and how the job allows me too much time to think, etc. i also mentioned that i might have to go in the hospital, so monday we're going to look into whether i can get FMLA or something for while i'm gone so i don't lose my job.

about my dog...he got shots when i first got him, but that was like 5 yrs ago. he's very healthy, and he stays inside. i just don't have the money to get him shots. this winter when dog licenses go half price ($12), i'm going to get him one. i know that all sounds really irresponsible, but it's about money, nothing else.

anyway...K just called me so i feel a bit better. i had called her during my crying spell, and she wanted to make sure i was ok. glad she did.

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