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Meds, and the seasons.
godlim posted:
I have multiple diagnosies, of BPD, bipolar NOS, and some other little funky things that aren't very significant, like compulsive skin picking. I am finding, that mood regulation is becoming a huge task these days because of the weather and amount of light changing. This summer I was in acute partial hospitalization for 5 months. While there I had a psychiatrist who took me off of some of my meds, some decisions I agree with whole heartily, because I never needed to be on a stimulant drug. But my old psychiatrist wouldn't listen to me. Well, he also took me off of my mood stabilizer lamictal because I wanted to go on the BC pill. Now that I am back in the pits because of the season changing, I am now finding it entirely difficult to use the things that I learned in treatement, I have no motivation. Not to mention I am in the "bad" and "horrible" category so its difficult to even want to be nice to myself, and be more mentally healthy. I have no psychiatrist after getting discharged, so I feel like I'm sort of alone clinging for dear life to a raft afloat in the middle of the choppy sea. Anyone, relate, or maybe know of any ideas to get out of this funk? Or maybe suggestions on how I could find a psychiatrist?

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