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lovely_lemon_tree posted:
Apparently, one of the other boards I post on is in such an uproar -- multiple people in crisis, people giving advice they themselves don't take, everybody angry at everyone, everyone's attacking each other or stomping away and swearing that they're never going to post there again.

Ironically, it's behavior that I would associate with this board. However, I've never seen anyone say "oh, well, I'm so offended that I've offended everyone else so I'm going to go away and eat worms and die" here. Apparently I missed something pivotal on that board -- that someone said something to someone -- and now everyone's swearing this that and the other thing.

Thank you, whoever is out there, for NOT doing that here. The other board has been such a volatile area for the last several weeks that I'm really afraid to post there. I think I'm going to stay away from there and lay low for a while, even though I do need the support. I'll be on the other (the SA) board and I'll be lurking on the one I mentioned earlier.

I just shake my head and say "holy cow... what happened? What did I miss?"

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