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    borderline personality disorder diagnosis
    kittencatt posted:
    Hi, my name is Mari and was just diagnosed with BPD. My main issue is that I am a mental health /addictions masters student. This diagnosis HAS ME VERY DISTRESSED! Unlike most that get this diagnosis I understand what it is and what it means to my future. I am in Kansas which is pretty much in the stone age as for as mental health goes. Any suggestions would be helpful, since at this point my whole career is on the line
    marysings responded:
    Your career may be on the line ONLY if you let it!

    Learn the DBT skills and use them.

    Your statement "Unlike most that get this diagnosis I understand what it is and what it means to my future." is a slap in the face to those of us who are Borderlines. Do you think we sit around all day and create problems? Are we goonies? Are we scary? What do you think about us?

    Has your life made a drastic turn since your diagnosis? Have you gone to your closet and declared to stay there? Are you failing in school and now have this diagnosis so you will have something to blame?

    If you have no compassion for yourself, how will you be able to relate to your future clients. If you have no compassion for your clients, how can you be an effective therapist?

    Open your books and study more intently. Get on the internet and learn all you can about Borderline Personality. I doubt that being Borderline is the worst thing that could be happening in your life.

    I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
    lovely_lemon_tree replied to marysings's response:

    I would like to tell you some things...

    I lived in Kansas until I moved away four years ago ... to get my master's degree in clinical social work. A lot of what you said in that post touched something in me.

    Kansas has an exceptional public mental health system. Until recently (I've been in close contact with friends), I know that the consumer movement has been phenomenal, compared to some of the states in the nation (Texas, for example, where I also lived before). Their funding has been cut and redirected, but if you could find some kind of peer organization (A CRO -- consumer-run organization), the support you would find from other people with other diagnoses is incredible. When I left Kansas I left a very well-formed support network and miss it to this day, four years later.

    Are you at KU? K-State? Wichita? Fort Hays? I know it's difficult to go to school and maintain an even keel while you're dealing with mental health issues, but you of all people should understand what it means to have a personality disorder diagnosis. And you of all people can be confident that with education, experience and support, it can be dealt with successfully.

    I'm going back this fall to finish my MSW. I had to withdraw from the other program because I just wasn't mentally stable enough. But I've worked darn hard to make it possible for me to be "okay" enough to go back to school and not be majorly triggered.

    You can do it too.

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