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Do you have Borderline Personality Disorder? This new Exchange has been developed so we can encourage each other, share tips to get through those down days, and/or just vent.
Suffering with Borderline- Pray to god and cling to him!!!!
An_243417 posted:
I=borderline personality disorder! was diagnosed a year ago because legally they arent supposed to diagnose bpd till 18! but right when I turned 18 they taped the diagnosis on me! I also have ADHD, and have been bulimic/ anorexic episodically for over 3 years. It is very hard to live with bpd!!! I have been in psyche wards and hospitals many times for trying to commit suicide out of fear of losing people, and also out of genuie despair. I havent lost hope tho... I went to DBT, its a therapy for bbpd sufferers!! I know this isnt politically correct for me to say, but in my experience the only way to heal from an illness as serious as bpd is to literraly cling to god, and pray every day for his guidance and help and mercy,and love. Ask him to heal us from our sick heads,and save us from ourselves!!!! I have progressed alot by cleaving to God!!!!

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marysings responded:
Your statement "legally they arent supposed to diagnose bpd till 18" is wrong. There is nothing wrong with Borderline or any other mental health problem being diagnosed at any age. Usually Borderline is not diagnosed until a person is in their late teens or early twenties. Whoever told you it was illegal did not know what they were talking about.

A question I have to ask - what is "bbpd sufferers!!" I've never heard of "bbpd".

It's not politically incorrect to refer to God in your post. We have people of all faiths in this community. If you get a negative response to your faith statements, don't take it personally.

Get a good hold on the DBT skills. As a Borderline, knowing those skills is invaluable.

I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
4BrachaNewcomb replied to marysings's response:
Hi Mary, So when I wrote bbpd- I meant to write bpd- sufferers i guess I pressed the b twice ;p sorry. Also I totally agree with you about the age thing.
4BrachaNewcomb replied to marysings's response:
Thank you for respecting my expression of G-D!he is my entire life!!! my only reaso for holding on!!! I really like yous signature!!!! I can totally relate to it!!! You will heal! take your time and recognize every possitive step you make in your healing process! good luck and G-D bless you!

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