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sittingbull594 posted:
I've tried for many years dbt skills, cbt skills, and been in therapy for 15 years or longer. IN Jan I believe is when I first was dx'd with bpd.

WOW! I hated the dx first but now i'm beginning to think yeah this is how i am along with the schizoaffective.

Perhaps many of you will feel o that gal is nuttier or how could what i'm going to say here work??? I never thought really that it would work either BUT IT HAS.

I'm not a religious fanatic but I am spiritual. So I was talking to my t and I have been struggling with a lot of suicide attempts and self harm. I don't know how we got on the topic of God b ut we did.

She told me to just tell Satan to leave me alone and to go away. On Thurs. morning i think it was I flipped out big time and couldn't find any help and i really wanted to sh. I was frozen as we all get. I kinda was fighting the urges however, it was beginning to go downhill real fast. Finally I relented and thought ok I'll try this. "Satan you are not welcome to be a force in my life Go away!!!. and then i said the lords prayer" I've never had anything in my life work like this!!! I had the same intensity happen the next day. Again I was in huge dispair and squirrely as all get out!! I did the same thing as i wrote above. It worked again!

The thing about this is you know how ya still stay urged throughout the day?? well it left me. NO KIDDIN! it left me both times. NOTHING has ever worked for me. I've sh'd since i was a kid and stopped for probably 6 years in adolescents to young teen and then i started drinking and pot.

I still believe in the dbt skills don't get me wrong. I just can't get over the actual leaving of these feelings and sensations with the God thing.

I asked my hubby yesterday if i've always been having crisis since he knew me and he's known me since i was 19. he said yeah i've been flipped out since he met me with sometimes times of betterment.

So we've been married for 34 years so whom better to know who i am?? Thank God I have a really great couple of t's whom I work with and I've finally accepted my PDOC. I don't really know the nurse who gives me my injections of invega. Have two disorders as mentioned above. Tho my life is topsy turvey most of the time today i have clarity and that's all that matters. Is the day you're in.

God speed.

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