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Endless circle
An_253993 posted:
When I try to call for help, just someone to talk to, I get ambulances and police at my door. Earlier this year I was abducted by an ambulance because I felt alone and wanted to talk to someone. I called my insurance trying to get connected to a psychiatrist and made the mistake of admitting I felt suicidal... I always thought that you had to actually have intent or a plan or something, but apparently not. The police showed up and forced me to go to this hospital, which did nothing but embarrass me. They put me in a room and took my vitals, then they left me there. All night. Alone. Then an awkward social worker came in hours later and gave me a photocopy of some useless information. The best part was the ambulance bill! I couldn't refuse service, because I'm such a risk to myself and others! But I was only calling to get counseling, and I had no intent to harm myself or anyone else. Of course they can't understand someone who has been suicidal for 18 years and is still alive. Their "assistance" only set me back a few years, trust-wise. I haven't been able to talk about anything to anyone in nine months. This is probably going to bite me in the ass somehow too, but I'm willing to try because I feel so hopeless anyway. Sorry if I'm wasting your time, whoever is there
nycgal448 responded:
been there too. When u say "suicidal" or self injury ...they respond. No joke. I have been in ur shoes since 15 yrs old. I can
certainly relate. Find someone or anyone u feel comfortable
w to trust. I love my psychiatrist. I talk to her, but bc of my
bi polar too, psychologists dont bode well w me. i have never
actually stuck w one. i understand its hard to trust, but get a
pschiatrist or whatever to help. gl
stellagonzalez responded:
Share your problem with psychiatrist and close one's so that they can understand what you are going through it.

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