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looking for clarity
An_188796 posted:
My teen has been a behavior problem for many years and we have struggled greatly . We have spent much time and money in therapy and have had varying diagnosis first it was adhd,mood disorder,depression,odd,bi-polar disorder and now borderline personality disorder. The main problem is the constant lying,anger,inability to accomplish anything,unable to fit in and keep relationships,being fired,alcohol abuse,promiscuity,selfish,ungrateful,lack of self control,doesn't learn from mistakes,lacks concentration,impulsive,unmotivated,doesn't respect boundaries,or consequences,refuses to listen to reason. We need help I am overwhelmed with fear for her future as she becomes older I can't fix her messes. I worry all the time as soon as she leaves the house I fear what bad choices she might make and how they will affect her life. Is there anyone who can speak to all this?
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marysings responded:
My younger son was just like your daughter. We had him on Ridilin, so school and grades were good. It was just the rest of his life that he trashed.

If you are Christian, you might do what I did one day:

I spent 2.5 hours praying, crying, pleading with God to take him, care for him, and relieve me of the guilt and shame. You know what happened? I received the gift of peace. God did not tell me that he would straighten out my son, He simply told me to let him go. I did that day and while my son nearly destroyed everything good that came his way, I simply prayed for him everyday.

He is now 33. He made the decision himself when his 9 year marriage crumbled around him that he needed counseling. That was a year ago. He listened to his counselor - he is in regular weekly therapy and he joined AA. My son is now 5 months alcohol-free. He is happy, he is a good friend to his ex-wife, he loves the time he spends with his 7year old son. He calls home often and he tells us thank you, I'm sorry, and I love you.

Ten years ago I would never have believed that he would be this way.

That's what I did. It took a LOT of faith.

I wish you the best with your daughter. I can understand your fears. I will pray for you and for her.

I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is.I make mistakes,I'm sometimes out of control but I love and give with all my heart.If you can't accept me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best.
yurgal responded:
sounds like anti-social or just plan imachority

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looking for clarity
My teen has been a behavior problem for many years and we have struggled greatly . We have spent much time and money in therapy and have ... More
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