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Brain mass....... Is that the same thing as a tumor?
dbswhome posted:
Last year I went to the hospital because I was having very bad headaches, to the point I couldn't see straight and felt off balance. They did a head CT without contrast and the doctor told me he saw something on the scan, thought I might have M.S. I was referred to a neurologist and had more scans preformed in which I was told that I had a "mass" that was 4cm. He couldn't or wouldn't tell me much other than that and that it was on the right and more deep set (or in the cream filling as my brother put its) I am to go in every 6 months for scans to keep an eye on it. My question is... Is a mass and a tumor the same thing? The doctor was dead set on using the word "mass". And if it is one in the same could it be causing my headaches, I was told that he didn't think it was causing my headaches and that it had to be stress. I'm so concussed about all this I don't even know how concerned I should be seeing that the doctor acted as is everything was breezy. Any info any could give me would be much appreciated!! Below you can read the results of the CT that was preformed at the hospital, it's all jeberish to me so i dont know if it will help.

Head ct without contrast Parenchyma - there is a small region of decreased attenuation within the right frontal centrum semiovale which is not normal for age.

Ventricular system- normal in size and config

Extra - axial space - no loculated extra axial fluid collection.

Sinuses - well aerated

Impression - abnormality within the right central semiovale which could reflect minimal small vessel disease or a small focus of demyelination.

There is no evidence of acute intervertebral hemorrhage or mass effect.

(after seeing the neurologist, it was determined that I do not have small vessel disease but that I do have a "mass" that is 4cm in size)

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