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My Brain Cancer Regime Now
Lizardoli12 posted:
The newest news for me is that an expert nuerooncologist wrote my oncologist a report stating that he might consider doing 36 more chemo treatments of the high dose once a month. That is 3 more years!! I talked to many people about it, mostly my family and they said to do it.

Kind of burst my bubble of seeing the end in site, but I am reminded by many people that I have an incurable cancer so this will buy me those 3 more years at least!! What a bummer, but I guess once a month I can deal with while maybe they do more research for this rare form of brain cancer and wait out a cure!

But that gets me to thinking, will the dollars for research be there since it is rare, does the money get focused on more common cancers?
leahquestions responded:
wow-- I am glad for you! this is laura , I'd love someone else to talk to about brain cancer....they told me a few months if the chemo doesn't work , I won't see my 50th birthday... in May but I have hope adn now I feel sooo much better without the radiation ... write me
jms4800 responded:
My information is ongoing research turns up new stuff every week. I was given on year and now it is possibly 3-5 years. My quality of life must become more important than quantity. I was stressing too much, I let go and let God.
Praying for you,
jms4800 replied to leahquestions's response:
I am 62 and have had a great full life, Now I was old one year, I live in Joplin Mo, and have many friends and family. I still have 27 days of radiation. My feet are swollen and I hve problems sleeping. Chemo is not as bad as I thought if I take the nausea pills. I have Glioblastoma, multi form, stage 4. Survived surgery , still able to read use a computer, lost sense of taste. I am focusing on quality of life, not quantity.
Keep in touch.
jms4800 responded:
LIzardoli, Yeah I was placed in the phych ward for going into a steroid induced rage against my wife, who I love dearly. Put me on Haldol, I was like being on a drunk, dropping acid and having a bad case of the flu all at the same time.(I am and old Hippie) did lost of self destructive behavior in the old days. I get bits and pieces of information. Finally I have my primary care Doctor handle all my Meds. 19 pills a day. Radiation for 42 days. I don't like the fatigue but I will endure it to get rid of the S.O.B.
Tumor. I am now on pristique for the depression and anxiety. Prozac was not working. I research everything on line and tell my Dr. what I think I need and he does not argue
Keep fighting, Keep in touch.
ArikoSan responded:
I have two relatives who survived cancer and one of my daughters best friends recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma, mi best advice is to try a vegetarian diet or at least do without hormone loaded commercial meats, specially poultry, eat more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, more kale, red peppers and fruit, use quality vitamins, take a supplement containing curcumin and Silymarin, this will ease the chemo induced damage and slowdown the cancer growth, take care.
medfaxx replied to ArikoSan's response:
This is a "TED" video on using electrical tumor treating fields you may find helpful and encouraging. Good luck.

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