Roller Coaster ride follow-up
cancer47 posted:
Thanks for all your advice. The weekend went well. I went to things I wanted to and went home when I needed to. Everyone was very understanding. We had a great time. I did not see in time the post about "letting your air down or wig" I should say. But after a dinner sunday night we all came back to my house. I most of the time take my wig off and put on a cotton cap. After wearing the wig 3 full days my head gets sore so I went and put my cap on and came out and that was that. Nobody even looked twice. My sister was the last to leave that night so I showed her my bald head. I'm glad I did. People don't know how sick you are when you wear a wig and make-up. You look like yourself but the baldness shows this is no day at the beach treatment you are going thru.
I have blood testing this morning, I hope my counts are better so I can visit my granddaughter this weekend.
rachael67 responded:
Sending good thoughts that your blood work is fine and you have a super time with your granddaughter! That would be very good medicine for sure!!