male breast cancer
sherm80 posted:
My dad was in his 70s when he had breast cancer (was eradicated with radiation). Are my chances of bc higher with my FATHER having had it??
Also, I've been told I have dense breasts, and/or "lumpy" breasts for years. I get annual mammograms, is there anything else I should be doing because of this density? And what makes some breasts "dense" and others, not??
missedit responded:
Hi Sherm:

You are doing what you should be doing by keeping close watch. You may want to ask about having an MRI guided mammogram. This works better for diagnosis for women who have dense tissue. You might ask if it might be of value for you. I would guess that with a father who has had BC, you are at higher risk. You would have an increased (low, but there) if your mother had had BC. My sons are very aware of my history even though the risk is not want it would be with daughters.

As for dense tissue, with women it has to do with age . Younger women have denser tissue. I don't know about men. Good luck.