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    The crazy stuff us Cancer Sisters do
    susancham posted:
    Just think we should start a site on stupid or crazy stuff that we do for no reason. We all need laughter right now & sharing will make us smile:

    I wanted to smash a jelly toast in hubs face yesterday cuz he was asking what I thought was stupid questions.

    I am Jumping up & down screaming $$@@#####!! and dogs are looking at me like >"Is this Mama's new way of playing""

    My finches are to damn happty singing all the time, where is gun?

    Do you get the message
    share you feeling in humor
    rachael67 responded:
    Hurray, Susan!!! One of the best suggestions that have come along this community for quite some time!

    Am putting my thinking cap on right now!! Hope many do the same and fill the community with tons of laughter!!!

    Blessings and giggles!
    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    rachael67 replied to rachael67's response:
    Oh, Susan, I am going through my mind and trying to remember some of the odd things I felt, thought, did during the period of surgery and treatment....Several things come to mind, but even in this forum, I blush to repeat them! Maybe later?

    One thing I can relate concerns hot flashes....Mine came not with chemo but with menopause, but the result was the same! I was seated at dinner with friends and one duzzy of a hot flash swept over me. I turned to my friend (also my age) and asked if it was warm for her. She shook her head and said "No"....As I picked up my fork to continue eating, I heard her softly whisper, "But it was a minute ago!" How wonderful to have friends to share with and to laugh with!

    Will try and "filter" some of the other stuff! Where are yours???

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    rachael67 replied to rachael67's response:
    Ooops! Forgot about the toast and your happy finches when I wrote that! Sorry!

    Hot flashes. Memory gaps. UGH!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    susancham replied to rachael67's response:
    well ladies here is new update on me because I have unexplained tremors that take over upper body today I saw neurologist. don't get concerned
    I needed to go to BRoom & doc hadn't got there so down the hall I go leaving sis & hub in room, Had to wait my turn--- office worker finally finished & so in I go busting bladder didn't know if I could get jeans down in time OMG O mlord office worker had serious problem before me--- no room spray- I have instant gag reflux I am now gagging trying to hold my nose breath thro mouth & single handed get jeans down--wouldn't you today was day I wore tight jeans to stretch out-
    Everytime I let go of my nose to help pull jeans down I went into major gagging
    By the time I had pi pied I was swollowing upjug

    Oh please hang with me sorry if anyone is gagging
    so here I am tears streaming down cheeks, new eye make up that is not water proof, trying to get it under control
    omg I come staggering out of this restroom into main patient area 00000h yes everyone is looking at me like wth
    I get gagging under control & am trying to wipe tears go on back to MY Rooom #12 & then get a visual & start gagging all over by now I am loosing it
    Enter room & darn if doc hadn't came in while I was gone & talking to sis & hub<<they take one look at me and Are you ok what is wrong I am still trying to get under control My new Neuro doc that I have not met is looking at me going is naesea part of your reason for being here
    I am trying to tell sis & hub huh I hit a smell that got me going but I am getting it under control.
    Doc is still thinking this is symptom
    finally I go over & shake hands & say Hi I am Susan the patient this has nothing to do with why I am
    he is looking at me like Oh yea this is going to be a real nut case.
    susancham responded:
    well heck just posted a new Well what I thought was funny but hub thought I was loosing mind & it says net work down urgh will try again
    susancham responded:
    Or here is something you can share How something just ps#$#$#%# you off for no reason Oh yea I am thinking about anger management before I do something crazy like dancing naked in all this snow

    come one girls humor is good
    rachael67 replied to susancham's response:
    Hope you find that management soon ...Or should we look for you on YouTube in all your splendid (albeit frosty!) self???

    Still working on a way to filter any other funny things I can offer to the discussion!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    susancham replied to rachael67's response:
    Sure wish more folks with share some humor, anger , or just feelings of the day. We can all use an uplift to know we are not the only one with these absurd happenings.

    Had another push up yesterday & this time I didn't get tremors in upper body, instead right leg decided to have an orgasm. No kidding, it lifted up & just shook like crazy. Plastic Surg is looking at me I am looking at him He finally breaks a half smile & says you have to be the strangest reaction to my saline solution patient I have ever had.
    Hope they share this at round table discussion my round of doctors have monthly
    rachael67 replied to susancham's response:
    A leg orgasm???!!! Geeze! Just imagine what the porn community could do with that???!!! Staggers the imagination!! (Oh, crap! Knowing them, they have used the idea four or five times already! Poo!)

    I can share one very nice thing that happened while going thru rads...It is not funny, but something which I have filed in my memory bank of good things:

    One day, while awaiting my turn for tx, I had been talking with two young women. The one who was there for rads for brain cancer had a little baby, and her friend had a girl about three. When it was time for the one's rads, the other took over the babysitting duties. It was then that I learned about the jouney the patient was on. She had four children and her cancer was discovered when she was pregnant with this littlest one. Though her prognosis was not very encouraging, she was determined to fight and to LIVE! From neither woman did I sense anything but joy! They laughed and joked and encouraged this in each other. In seeing this one could only refelct their attitude and exude positive energy back!

    Well, I continued my 35 sessions of radiation and did not see this gal again until my very last time. I checked on how she was doing and feeling...seeing the smile still present. While we spoke I slowly removed a pin I'd been given by a dear cousin when I began my journey. At the conclusion of our visit, I took the gal's hand and placed the pin in it telling her, "I was given this for my battle and it has brought me luck...May it do the same for you!"

    She was surprised and a bit moved, but I was the one who left there feeling absolutely super! It was something I not only wanted to do but had to do. Now I'd been given the opportunity to do so...And it had pleased her! (As it also pleased my cousin who gave me the pin.)

    The last I knew of this gal was in a newpaper article...NOPE! NOT AN OBIT!!! But a lovely story telling of her battle and her bravery....And in the photo was that familiar smile!

    Now, that's a real feel-good story, right???

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    susancham replied to rachael67's response:
    Rachael that was an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it. If only I was that brave. And hats off to you for reaching out. I truely think one of the ways that help us heal is reaching out to someone else.
    My journey has only been with oncologist , breast surg & plastic surg. I have not been exposed to sisters who are doing chemo or radiation. That treatment has so much more impact on cancer. I so want to help but because I have not been on that long treatment journey it is hard for those who have had the long treatment to connect with someone that only had breast removable with no chemo
    I was in elevator today with a woman I had seen last week coming out of office with her hub & a box of surgical bandages, so I knew she was starting beginning of healing
    Today when I saw her w/out hub looking so lost I just didn't have the courage to talk to her about why she was there??
    i talked to her but it was stupid stuff & she didn't want any part of the conversation. Then when we were doing final part of check in, she after me I hear she didn't even know she had to check in downstairs first, so it made her late for appt.
    I felt so bad.
    So tell me how do you start a conversation with someone that you know is starting her journey & doesn't have any idea what she is doing????
    I know I am going to continue to see her every Monday at 11:45 I just don't know how to reach out without offending her? Help
    mmgreengrl replied to susancham's response:
    My fellow co-workers have fascinated by the humor I found through treatment - chemo, radiation and surgery recovery. They especially liked the story about losing my breast prosthetic at the fitness center when I took it out of my bathing suit to use the suit spinner to dry my suit. I had to go back the next day and ask if anyone had turned it in at the front desk. Luckily for me someone had. Never thought I'd hear myself say "has anyone found my breast?"
    cancer47 responded:
    I was traveling buy air and I went thru security I relized that my drivers licence's picture did not look very much like my new post chemo short tight curly head of hair. They really looked at me and than said OK and away I went. But the next week I was opening a bank account and had to get out the photo ID. Again you could see an eyebrow raised and the woman said cheerfully "did you get a new hair style?" I blurted out "no I had chemo". Well the look on her face was priceless! But I did get an extra "gift" for opening the account. She tried to give me the "pink" toolbelt but I went with the cooler.
    kiwiallright responded:
    Susan, I like your idea of funnies. When I went in for my bitaeral mastecomy, my co-worker and I created sayings and put them on clear label's printing in colour and different fonts- things like, thanks for the last forty years, so long farewell, great knowing you. Good-bye and probably a few other crazy things. I plasted those all over my boobs before going into surgery. The nurses thinking I had drawn all over my boob's with ink were going to scrub off the ink, until I said they just peel off. They laughed not sure what my surgeon thought. Well they peeled the labels off put them on paper and wrote me a note wishing me luck and half way through the surgery they took it out to hubby and he was not impressed and still isn't.

    Another funny was watching the prosthesis bra with fillers in it flying across the room when I would get sick of having to wear them.. And I tell you what they would fly - - Now I just have all the fat from my abodmen replacing the boobs they took off - not the same but in a swimsuit it looks better than nothing.

    Here is another funny, last year before reconstruction, I so wanted to swim so off to Carols' I went and got a tankcini and the fillers. So here I go the first day thinking I look like all the other babe's at the pool until I got in the water and starting swimming, I swear the prothesis about had me swimming on the bottom of the pool, so they only made it once to the pool, I kept going and even though I did not look as good as the babe's with boobs I rather be flat chested they swimming under water the whole time. Mind you they just paraded around, I swam...
    kiwiallright replied to cancer47's response:
    Hi Cancer47, yes I have the same response as you mind some of the pictures are at least five or ten years old and has lots more hair. I just say I did not have any hair last year... Like you they look at you funny. My frind gave me a pink tool belt, just love it.. Now just have to figure out how to use it all

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