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    An_188724 posted:
    In 2007, I was diagnosed w DCIS - stage zero, and had a lumpectomy. I had approximately 30 treatments of Radiation. In the fall of 2010, another lump was discovered in the left breast. This time it was Stage 1 invasive cancer. Again, I had a lumpectomy w sentinal node dissection. The lymph nodes were clean. I used SAVI radiation for 5 days, and it was great to be done in 5 days. After this, I was put on Arimidex. I have taken Arimidex for 2 months. They were the worst two months of my life. I had terrible mood swings, crying all the time, and anxiety Last week the oncologist took me off of the arimidex for a month. What happens now?
    bcdevil responded:
    My dr was suggesting the possibility of arimidex or femara for me. I won't know till after nodes are checked when i have surgery. Were your side effects commonly reported by people? I'm so proud to hear you are a 2x survivor. I will pray that they find a safe and effective medication for you!! Keep me posted!! Hugs and strength sent from me to to you!!!
    cancer47 responded:
    I was suppose to start the arimidex starting 9 months ago but with everything I read women have problems like you spoke of and bad body aches I've decided against it. I lost almost a year of my life to surgeries and treatment I don't want to be miserable for 5 more years. How are you feeling now since you stopped?
    judyfams replied to cancer47's response:
    Have any of you thought about asking your doctor if you can switch from the Aromatase Inhibitors (arimidex, femara, & aromasin) to the Tamoxifen class of antiestrogens.

    Both types of antiestrogen drugs do have side effects - but since they work differently you all might want to try the Tamoxifen group. The AI's totally block the production of estrogen in the body and the Tamoxifen group block the tumor receptors from reacting with the estrogen. I know the side effect of the Tamoxifen group is the possibility of uterine cancer and blood clots - but if you have had a hysterectomy you might want to try one of the Tamoxifen group.

    Just a thought. I agree that there is no way I would want that kind of pain for 5 years, especially since I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 35 yrs. old. I told my oncologist that I would not tolerate body aches ever again after what I experienced from the arthritis. And since I have already had a hysterectomy we discussed my trying Toremifene - a Tamoxifen like antiestrogen to see how I feel on that. If I cannot tolerate it, I too will opt out of the antiestrogen therapy and take my chances>

    Maybe we should make all the female employees of these pharmecutical companies take these drugs for 5 years and then see how eager they are to push them on us!!!!!!!

    kiwiallright responded:
    Hi Anon,

    I tired Femara and lasted about 1 1/2 months, then I went on Aromasin for two months last year and I experienced aches & pains, concentration was out the door, my emotions were like yours. I came off Aromasin and even though it took a month my brain cleared up I quit crying and truly felt like a new person. I visited with my oncologist in November and we discussed everything and I was quite surprised with his response. First of all he has let me know that I had a very aggressive cancer - but said, I could take Aromasin for five years and be miserable and still die, or I could not take it and enjoy quality of life and still die. So I did start it again in January and lasted a week, came off of it for over a month and started again and this time the aches in my joints are annoying - so thought try another week and see what happens. I think I can handle the aches but not the emotional swings. Like I was sitting at the table tonight and was about in tears for who knows what. For me quality means more than quanity.

    Good Luck with your health and any decisions you make.

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