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I'd like some advice about breast re-construction.
boxerbabe44 posted:
I was diegnosed with stage 3 carsanoma in September of 2010. Iv'e had 2 rounds of chemo a a limpectomy leading up to a radical mascetomy of my right breast the 23rd. of March.I know have an expander.
Here's my delima...I have large breasts 36 DDD. I told my plastic sergent to leve my left brest a lone as it doesn't have any canser.
I allready feel i've been superfisial having re-constuction.Do you think it would be vain of me to have the other reduced? By the way my mother-in-law works at the sergical center where all this will take place. It's a small town and she will be taking care of me. I just don't wan't her thinking less of me.
mhall6252 responded:
Ummm...vain? No, not at all! As a matter of fact, if I were in your shoes I would do exactly that! Do not waste one minute feeling guilty or superficial! I believe that, legally, you are entitled to the symmetry that will result.

Go for it with a clear conscience and good luck to you!

judyfams replied to mhall6252's response:
You will probably feel better both mentally and physically if your breasts are symmetrical. You know the reconstructed breast will not be the same size as your other breast.
Do not feel bad about doing something good for yourself after all you have been through.
You truly deserve to feel good about your body and the way you look - so have the breast reduction.
Very good luck to you!
brcansur responded:
I do not think it is vain at all. It is about how you will see yourself not about how others will see you. When it come right down to things who has to look in that mirror in the morning every morning you, Not your mother in law YOU. So you need to be the one that is going to be happy and comfortable with what you see everyday in that mirror. I was supposed to have mine at time of bilateral mastectomy but due to tumors being bigger and attched to skin and ribs couldn't be done. So I wasn't going to do it I was going to use the prothesis. But then got thinking I would like to get up and look in that mirror and see something other then just scares. Having breast again and ones that look the same or very close to it feels really good. Plus I used to be a big busted girl and having DDD is not good for your back. So girl if not for the having the same size breast do it for your back lol... Ok all jokes aside think about how you will feel when looking at yourself and both breast look the same, not one breast bigger then the other. Don't worry about how others will feel or what others will think it is not about them it is about you. You are fighting the beast and anything that is going to help you feel better about yourself is going to help you fight. So do what feels good to you for you and nobody but you. It is your time to decide nobody else just you. So sit down clear your mind and just think what do you really want it will come to you. Good luck and sending sngel hugs and my prayers to you. Roberta
jlamb26 responded:
You are not vain! A close friend is in the same situation as you and her surgeon recommended a reduction in her other breast. The surgeon told her that it is harder on your body to reconstruct to match a larger breast. Feeling good about yourself is a large part of your recovery. Please don't ever feel guilty about reconstruction, you have gone through enough and your deserve to look and feel good.
Best of luck! Jennifer
boxerbabe44 responded:
thank you all so mutch for your responces and your support it means a lot to me. I know it sounds silly after all Iv'e been through but what it comes down to is I'm scared.I got an infection from the mastectomy than colitus I'm fine now.still am going to get radiation as soon as the re-construction is done.Maybe I'm intitled to a lttle vanity:)
brcansur replied to boxerbabe44's response:
It is normal to be scared, but know that we are all here to support you and be a shoulder to lean on when you need it. I do not look at reconstruction as vainty but i do think you deserve to have what ever it is you decide to have. Two breast that are the same is something every women that goes through breast cancer deserves if that is what she decides to do. After everything you have been through you deserve what ever you decide you want so keep up the good work and the fight you are a winner and a fighter. Look at your user name it says it all BOXERBABE if that is not a fighter name what is so go out there and fight and get what you want because you deserve it. have a great day and angel hugs to you. Roberta
cindy12345678 responded:
I don't believe that would be superficial at all. You had to have surgury. Now you need to make it right for yourself. I currently have expanders. I hope to get my implants soon.It needs to look and feel ok for me.I had cancer on both sides, so I needed to do both. I think you should do whatever you feel right doing. They aren't the one in your shoes.
kiwiallright responded:

Please do not feel bad, but totally understand how you may be feeling, I had a bi-lateral Oct 2009 - Nov 2010 I had reconstruction and was somewhat embrassed going in to it - it took me about a week to say to myself, this was all part of my healing process. I had the DIEP Flap procedure, it was a very long surgery close to 13 hours, when I woke up all I could say was thankyou - thankyou when I saw the celevage -
You are not vain, superfical or anything else - it is all part of your healing process.

From what others have told me - most surgeons reduce your breast because it is harder to create your other side to match.

I wish you the best when you go in for your surgery.

boxerbabe44 responded:
Thank you all for your support and your words of wisdom. It's my nature to feel that I have to please everybody
But now It's my turn.I know I'll feel better with reduction and being cemetrical doesn't seam important until you're faced with it yourself.
Thanks again you're all in my prayers.

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