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brcansur posted:
Hello, I was just wondering how every one is doing with this heat wave. I know some of you are going through chemo at this time plus dealing with the heat. I hope you are doing well, making sure to drink plenty of fluids because your body needs it even more now that it is so hot and humid out. Staying inside with a/c if possble is also a very good idea untill this heat wave passes. It is supposed to hit 100's in a lot of places today with high humidity I worry about how everyone stays cooled off.
I will be thinking of all you ladies and sending my prayers and wishes that you all are staying cool and well during this heat wave. I am staying indoors for sure with my animals just relaxing and doing some reading or maybe some sewing. Have a great day ladies angel hugs Roberta
rachael67 responded:
I guess many of us are in the same hot, humid boat! We won't get out of the 90s (been there all week) until next Monday at the earliest. We have many cooling centers open around the area. (How many of the "more mature" folks remember the days when we would flock to the movie houses who displayed huge signs outside stating: IT'S COOL INSIDE!? ...Some of my first enounters with air conditioning.)

How I remember the hot summer nights not only before home air conditioners, but even before many of us had fans (Most of our parents considered them a luxury...Summer was hot and one simply had to endure it! Period!!) I'd be whimpering , "Momma, it's too hot!!!" (This was followed appropriately by great whines and sighs! )

Mom's reply would always be : "Say your prayers and go to sleep!" (not one to waste sympathy on such a petty complaint.) Never was sure if I was to pray for a miracle... a cold spell blown in on some rogue jet stream... or what!!

Do I appreciate each home, business, restaurant, whatever that is air conditioned today? You bet!!!

Hope you all are taking it easy and drinking lots of fluids.

Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
cindy12345678 responded:
Hi ladies,
It has been really hot here. We are not airconditioned at work. It has been pretty bad this week. It has been 100 here. I drink lots of fluids, stand in front of the fans and go home to the air!
0910faith replied to cindy12345678's response:
Where do you work? I cannot believe there is
no air-conditioning. And sweet lady, I don't know
how you can handle it.
I am in Las Vegas. It's about 110* right now. I
can hardly stand to be outside. I am having
sweats all day long and I'm not sure if I want the
air or not. As I cool down I get chills. I'm not sure if
this is normal but I am exhausted from the fluctuation
in my own temperatures. My personal thermostat
is broke. I leave the air on 80*. I don't touch it.
Sometimes I just keep a cool washcloth by my chair
if I'm watching tv. For no reason I start and if I do
anything around the house to clean I don't stop
sweating at all. Has anyone else experienced this.
Before my cancer diagnosis I was on a Estrogen
Patch and I stopped immedicately. Boy do I miss
it. I feel this is a direct result of that. I wish the drs had
never given it to me.
I know some of you have it worse. I'm sorry to
complain. I'm not usually a whiner
bcdevil replied to 0910faith's response:
You earned the right to whine all you want to! These hot flashes have been horrible! Then the chills on top of it! I don't know why my hormones are so messed up, but it worries me! I am definately going to have them run bloodwork when i go to my drs next month. This is ridiculous!Anyway, glad you are staying inside and out of the heat. I also have been inside during the hottest time of the day. I swim in the evening when the temp is bearable! Have a great weekend girl and take care of yourself!
Love, hugs and lucky shamrocks
brcansur replied to 0910faith's response:
I agree if I was there in 110 I would be complaining too plus hot flashes on top of that wow.. how do you do it and not go crazy. I would be in my shower like 4-5 times a day just trying to cool off. I get the hot flashes also but they are starting to ease up now. It has been 3 years now sense my last treatment and they started easing up this past winter. So there is hope out there ladies. Mine were really bad before I would get at least 3 an hour and they would last over 3 min and very hot sweats and all.Night sweats that I would have to get up and go get a cold washcloth and wash up change and go back to bed.But now I get maybe 3 or 4 a day that last a min and not to hot just really red face but I can deal with that.
So if you want to whine and complain go right ahead you have a very good reason 110 and hot flashes you whine and whine all you want. Have a great weekend and try and stay cool angel hugs Roberta
P.S. was out picking basil and zuc squash today and thought of you.
brcansur replied to bcdevil's response:
You are most likely going through the lovely change. I know you didn't have chemo to bring it on but your hormones are effected by age and other factors. I wouldn't worry yourself crazy over it you can start going through the change as young as your 30's. We both know we are not 30 so jsut think of it that way it is most likely your change starting. That is one of the first signs hot flashes, memory, moodswings, trouble sleeping. I agree have the blood work done but please don't worry about it till then.
Have a great weekend enjoy the pool and try and stay cool angel hugs Roberta
bcdevil replied to brcansur's response:
My bloodwork has confirmed i am post menopausal for over a year. What is weird is my hot flashes stopped entirely when i had my bi lat mast and just returned about a month ago in full force. I get terrible night sweats and then chills. Oh well, just another hurdle to jump! We will all get thru this too! I also picked some fresh basil from my garden. Cilantro also. It's so fresh and great for homeade salsa.I'm starting to get all sorts of goodies from my garden. It has been hard to keep up with watering in this heat, but somehow we are doing it! Try and stay cool from the weather and hot flashes! Enjoy your weekend!
Love, hugs and lucky shamrocks
0910faith replied to brcansur's response:
I can smell the basil and taste the squash. I'm so happy
you can enjoy that NY garden.
I don't go out too much because of the heat. I hate
getting in and out of the hot car. By the time you cool it down
we're home. I really don't know how my parents and
grandparents dealt with the hard work they did and no
air conditioning. I feel ashamed to complain of the heat.
It never seemed to bother me when we lived in upstate
N. Y. The winters were brutal but we loved all of it.
I hope you're right about the hot flashes. Sandy is having
them too. Why do we women have all the fun?
Roberta, how are you doing with your fills? I know they
are not pleasant for a couple of days. You have been thru
so much. I'm with ya girl, I'll be so happy to get rid of these

love n hugs
0910faith replied to bcdevil's response:
You to with the greast garden variety. Your house must
smell so good.
I'm sorry you are having hot flashes too. The sweats
and then chills are awful.
I hope this passes quickly. I was told today that because
I had the Estrogen Patch for so long they might last
longer. Gosh, I hope that's not the case. For you either.
Are the twins settling in better? I can't wait. I want these
expanders gone sooner rather than later.
Have a great weekend
love n hugs
clairebent responded:
I hate high heat. I like winter more than summer but if I am not on the sea I make these for prevent heat:

- Drinking icely and cold much
- Air-conditioner
- And have shower or I wet my body then stop on the opposite of fan
brcansur replied to bcdevil's response:
Mine also stoped for a while then started back up now they are easing up again. I don't understand why but as long as they are going away I am not going to complain. Women have a lot to deal with our bodies go through a lot of changes through the years men not so much uummm why just women... Oh well just another thing to deal with I guess. That is why we are the stronger ones we can deal with more and do more at once.
I am also getting a lot of goodies from the garden and yes it is hard keeping up with the watering in this heat but am doing some how. It drys faster then you can water it that is for sure. But keeps growing like crazy along with the roses and flowers. Oh and don't forget the weeds they aren't letting up any either.
Well stay cool and have a great weekend angel hugs Roberta
brcansur replied to 0910faith's response:
I love the garden it is growing very well have to try and stay on top of the watering with the heat but doing it some how. I love this area the change of seasons and all yes winter can be pretty bad but I have left and also come back. I miss the different seasons we get here. Love fall in up state ny so prettyand colorful.
I am doing well with the fills I just had one last mon and I am now half way to were I need to be before getting implant. So right on target for Sept surgery for implant. I get a small fill nothing to bad I tell her when it starts feeling tight and she stops. That way it doesn't feel to bad later on when I go to bed. Because it always seams to feel tighter at night so I stop when it first start to feel tight and no more. I would rather take it slow then push it and have pain. I am in no hurry plus I don't want surgery till after summer so working out just fine for me. I was just a little tight but nothing bad at all. I even slept ok without extra pain meds the first night. Just some pulling if I used my arm to much the next few days but other then that nothing. So looks like we will be going for our implants around the same time. That would be nice recover together and ride the bus at the same time. But then I wont be able to paint your nails while your asleep because I will be out also no fun in that LOL... Well have a great day and weekend stay cool angel hugs Roberta
cindy12345678 responded:
Hi ladies!
We still have an excessive heat warning today! Its been bad all week at work. Got a little rain on FRi.It cooled it down for the afternoon.Then it heated back up again. I am so tired of watering the garden! All of the grass has gone dormant here. I have been getting vegtables in! Yea! I love having my own vegtables. Sandy had asked about commercial fertilizers. Well, she made me think. So I went to using organic fertilizer. Just in case. I don't use bug spray. The bugs eat a few things, but thats life. I have gotten some praying mantis cases this spring. I have seen one. I don't have alot of bug damage, so the little guy must be doing his (or her) job! We went to the movies yesterday and today I will do some sewing!And more watering the garden!
Roberta , I am glad you are on the mend. Have you decided to go with the implant again?I am so glad you have written about your experience.So I will know what to do if I have problems. Thats why this board is so great.
Have a great day!
Love and hugs,
brcansur replied to cindy12345678's response:
We still have a heat wave going here also still in the 90's with humidity. Can't wait till it breaks, supposed to be today sometime, I sure hope so. I know what you mean about the watering the garden , it's seams like you just water it and it is dry all ready. But I keep trying to keep it wet and water it every night after the sun starts to go down and it is a little cooler out. It os doing really weel but have some of those nasty beetles this year. I read in one of my gardening book to mix dish soap and water and sray on plants that will keep the bugs off of them because it makes them slippery. So that is w3hat I am going to do and see if it works. No bad stuff in that and you just wash it off when you pick them before you eat them any way. Maybe it would help you out also with your bugs. Can't hurt to try.
I am glad that posting my experience with the infection and all has helped you out and hopefully others also. That is one reason I posted plus to see if any one else had the same problems as I did. Letting others know what you are going through does let them know what to watch for incase anything changes with their breast or implants.
Yes I am getting the fills now and so far everything is going well. So I am thinking the implant should be going in around the end of Sept. As long as the scar tissue doesn't give me a lot of pain and trouble I will continue with the process. So far it is doing ok just a little pain under the arm and under the breast where the lump was but not to bad. I can deal with it. But if it gets like it was after surgery then I am stopping and the expander and other implant comes out and I am going flat and using the fake boobs again no implants done. But so far I am happy with what is happening and the scar tissue seams to be working it's way out so the ps says and stretching along with the muscle and skin. So we shall see.
Have a great day and week ahead hopeing for a cooler week mostly for you at work wow no a/c stay cool and drink plenty of fluids I will be thinking of you sending angel hugs Roberta

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