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    I threw a Wing-Ding at Clinic.
    GGrandmaJan posted:
    Well #8 is now in the books. Boy, I threw a Hissy-Fit at the clinic yesterday. The nurse started to activate my port and I asked her what she thought that red spot was next to my port. It had showed up 2 days ago. She looked at it didn't know--- got her supervisor--didn't know. I asked for my Dr to come take a qiuick look at it. Of course he just got back from vacation and was way behind. O.K. could deal with that. until the chemo nurse came back with "Dr. said it is just your CANCER!!" WHAT!!!!

    Now this stupid ca I have--only way to monitor it is to WATCH the skin. I have been watching my skin with DH help and this is the first thing I noticed. They started the IV was mixing up the chemo. I am sitting there getting more and more and MORE upset with their stupid answer. So started bawling my head off but quietly. I knew I could not go a week until I saw the Dr. Finally one came in all concerned asked what was wrong gave me a big hug (which made me worse) I tried to tell them thru my tears what that stupid nurse had said. I insisted her comment was NOT acceptable in my book. Supervisor came in and tried to calm me down---But my Dr did get his butt in there to take a look at it. He assured me it could be from my clothes rubbing on it as he felt no lump--bump--- or blisters on it. Ordered some coritsone cream. I finally calmed down and we finished the chemo. I couldn't hear what the supervisor said to that nurse--but the chemo nurse came in with apology for upsetting me so. She admitted her choice of words were totally wrong. I can't remember now what she should have said.

    So now I will probably be that ole' lady that bawls over nothing. Oh Well. I HAD to be reassured as I can not lose that port. I don't even care about possibly losing the other breast---but where would they put another port ????

    Sure hope this new Onc doesn't call me his "Problem Child" like my old one did. LOL..But really my Dr yesterday couldn't have been nicer.

    Guess I am not the "Super Woman" I thought I was. LOL LOL Thank goodness they have small rooms for chemo and I was the only one in there yesterday. Oh shoot, who cares I was upset.

    The problem is the nurses in the infusion part evidently didn't know until yesterday how dang rare my cancer is. Ya Think they should read my chart???

    O.K. will quit whinging and venting. I wanted to post this so you other ladies will know don't let anyone give you the run around. We know our bodies better than anyone else.

    Hope everyone has a good week-end. I feel so much better today.
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Jan - I'm so glad you feel better today!

    I think your Wing-Ding was completely justified!

    And I'm now adding that awesome term into my vocabulary. I just know I get to use it soon after the 3 and 6 year old walk in the door this afternoon

    Wing-Ding-ily yours,

    brcansur responded:
    I am so glad you are feeling better after all of that at your chemo appt. You are right maybe she should have read your chart and seen how rare a cancer you ahve. Plus she needs to think before she speaks, she is working with people that have cancer. What she said is very rude and inconsiderate if you ask me. You had every right to be upset I would have been too. I know what you mean about not wanting to lose your port I have one also and if I even thought I was going to have to get it removed before my treatment was done I would go crazy.
    But it is taken care of and hopefully nothing like that happens again, and all that is wrong is a reaction to something and the red spot will clear up.
    I also like your wing ding wording and think we should think of some more fun words to use.
    Have a great weekend angel hugs Roberta, :0
    mhall6252 responded:
    Jan - congrats on getting finished with #8!!! And shame on the nurse for relaying that message in such an insensitive manner!

    This is the place to whine and vent, so I'm glad you got it all out. Now you can enjoy your weekend!

    GGrandmaJan replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thanks Haylen--You are so Sweet. I have a few other choice words, want me to pass them on to you. LOL. Probably not fit for a 3-6yr old ears.

    Have a good week-end.
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    GGrandmaJan replied to brcansur's response:
    Thanks Robeta,
    I couldn't believe the Dr would just send her back with those words. He knows exactly what I have and I know he would never have said it like that. Plus the supervisor kept saying well you don't know what it is exactly it could be most anything. WELL--ya that was what I was afraid of. I don't think she got it either. But the Dr's nurse knew how upset and worried I was as right behind her was my good Dr. Geez, didnt make for a very calming day for the chemo. I do feel fine today but still wired from those cute little yellow pills.

    Ha, most of my other words wouldn't be fit for this board. LOL.
    Have a nice week-end. It is suppose to get hot--guess summer finally decided to stick around for another day.
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    GGrandmaJan replied to mhall6252's response:
    Thanks Michelle, I am glad you are doing good also. You absolutely blow me away with how you are handling your chemo. I couldn't tolerate but one dose of AC 6 yrs ago. You seem to be breezing right along.

    Enjoy your family. Don't wear yourself out moving your Mother.
    Good thoughts going out your way.
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    cindy12345678 responded:
    Jan ,
    You had every right to be upset.The chemo nurses are supposedto be keeping a close watch on you. They should always call the onc with any question or problem! I am so glad you spoke up. Cancer can be so stressful, you should never have to wait for any answer.What kind of cancer do you have?Mine is an odd type. I am glad you are doing well with chemo. You will get this wooped!
    Have a great weekend,
    love and hugs,
    kiwiallright responded:
    HI Jan.

    I think we need to throw wing-dings more often- glad that things workout for you. Sometime I got so frustrated with some of the hotshot that know it all, but they do not know you. Last tuesday I had to have a PET scan, I ate at the right time and drank all morning - when I got there I said to the young man that preparing to get my arm ready for the infusion would not listen, I said to him, if you will get a blood pressure cuff - pump up my arm you will have no problem - no Mr smart-arse says I will go right here, good vein, yeah after another attempt he gets someone else. -My left arm is shot that is for sure, I should have been like you and said you do not touch me until you get the pump. There are lots of good tech's out there but for would nice if they would listen. Good luck and hope that all is well

    Hang in there

    Jenna291 replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Hi Jan.

    Wow - how insensitive!!!! These nurses and doctors really do need to think before they speak! You would think being in oncology they would be more sensitive to the delicate situations we are and have been in. I am so glad you finished #8.
    Hugs and lots of prayers ~ Jenna
    GGrandmaJan replied to cindy12345678's response:
    Hi Cindy,
    I hesitate to post what type of ca I have as it is caused from the rad treatments I had 5 yrs ago. Before any of you get worried or scared cause you have had Radiation Treatments ---Please be assured less than 1% of the population ever get this. It is called angiosarcoma and caused definitely from the radiation. BUT VERY RARE!!-----Really RARE!!!!! I had a lumpectomy in '05 with one sentinal node positive. Chemo was a grey area, so Rads were called for.

    Had no problems until Jan, of this year. My breast started swelling, orange peel type skin on bottom half with a red rash covering most of the breast. Then 3 large blood blisters started in different places. Only 1 out of my 4 Dr's knew what it was. I was just pure lucky as my Surgeon sent me to the Rad Onc Dr that dx me with it. She is the best Dr I have ever been in contact with. Really on the ball. Had a conference with my new Onc and me at the first appt. Then went up to Seattle to the Cancer Care Center there to find out type and dosage of chemo to use. Already had a mast in April with no problems really---- as the blasted thing hurt so bad I was happy to be rid of it.

    While recovering from the surg I did some soul-searching and decided to change Onc Dr. After 5 yrs of being called his "Problem Child" and him not listening to me---decided to send him packing!!!! I am so happy I did---best thing I ever did for myself. That is why I was so upset on Thurs as I KNEW my new Dr would have NEVER said that statement and be so blase' about it!!!! He is the one researching my case and getting help when he needs it. Plus I am on the "Net' researching also and we share what we find out.

    O.K. that is about it in a nutshell.
    Hope you are having a super duper week-end. It is HOT here. I have to go out and see if I can rescue my tomatoes. NEED water.

    Thanks Cindy, you are so sweet.
    Blessings Jan
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    GGrandmaJan replied to Jenna291's response:
    Oh Thanks Jenna, It was the chemo nurse---not my New Dr!!!!! I know he would never had said it like that . It all was going thru 4 people. Remember how the "Gossip Game" was played? By the time the last person in a circle of 10 stated what the 1st one had said It was Totally Different and Strange. Thurs was kind of like playing that game. LOL.

    Thanks for your concern I really appreicate it.
    Have a sunny week-end.
    Always Jan
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    GGrandmaJan replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Thanks Mary, You are so right---about the listening part. Sometimes you want to grab them hot-shots by the back of the neck sit their (cute little butts) down in a chair tell them to shut-up and listen. LOL. One of these days I just might do that. However I haven't seen any cute ones---all ladies. UGH Still a very good idea, Mary. Go for it.

    Sending you a load of good thoughts for a good PET scan.

    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.
    PinkLady44 responded:
    I am so sorry you had such a rough go with #8 and that the nurse was incredibly insensitive in her relaying of the doctor's message. Would've been nicer if they could've just slotted you in for a 10-min consult with your oncologist and given you that assurance instead.

    You're not a problem child - you have a cancer that most of these folks have never dealt with - that should've been explained to them up-front so they could be prepared for any out-of-the ordinary things and to address them immediately, not pass the buck.

    Melt-downs and emotions are all a big part of our cancer journey...and they happen without warning sometimes. I have had days when all it takes is someone saying or doing something at the wrong time and I'm over the edge, too. It's okay to let it all go and wash some of those bottled up emotions out rather than let them build up. It's easier to breathe afterward, too.

    You continue to be in my prayers - I know you're fighting a tough battle, one that takes a lot of strength and perseverance. Don't worry if that "super woman" cape slips off now and then.

    Love and more hugs,

    Nan / PinkLady
    GGrandmaJan replied to PinkLady44's response:
    Oh Nan, you are such a sweet lady to think of me after all you have been going thru. I am so glad you are done with chemo. It sounds like it was very hard on you. (been following you on FB)

    This chemo is so easy to handle it is kind of scary. No serious side effects. Just have blurry, watery eyes now for some reason. Had a great appt with my Dr yesterday. I asked if we could forget those dang 3 little yellow pills they give me before the infusion. ( Decadron). After he asked me a dozen questions about nausea, heartburn and etc. he figured I didn't need it as I was just to Wired for 3 days. I got so much stuff done but just couldn't nap like I should when my bod said "Nap-time". Then he thought they might be the cause of my eye problem. Don't know yet about the eyes---but was up at 5 AM again. So figured it wasn't the pills. But I was able to take a 3 hr nap this afternoon.

    Yesterday had a very nice nurse. Did not see the other one anywhere. Oh, the Dr did come in to the infusion area for a 10 minute check that day and ordered some cortaid ointment. I faithly put it on 3 times a day for all week. Didn't do anything. Yesterday he said it could just be irration as it is right next to the port. He did not find any bumps or lumps so we will watch it. Was very pleased how good my incision looked.

    I finally have a super Dr. He actually acts like a very caring human being and was joking with me about different stuff. I was still giggling when went in for chemo.

    You do know I changed Onc Dr. this time around. Was tired of the ole one not listening to me and calling me his "Problem Child". We just did not communicate what-so-ever. I started seeing this new one June 9, 2011. This one knows I research my situation and he answers all my questions. Even jokes with me about my Mariners. Said he was going to give me an early Christmas present as I would finish chemo just before the holiday. He is not all gloom and doom but so nice and caring.

    Oh yes, I am to see my Eye Dr and if he has any questions to call my Onc. He really thinks I need new glasses. Will make appt for next week.

    Nan, what is next for you? Are you going to have more rads?
    How do you like our sudden onset of summer? It has not been cooling down at night which is weird.

    Thanks for the post.
    Yesterday is History--Tomorrow is a Mystery--Today is a Gift that is why it's called---The Present!!!----Quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt.

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