sadblossom posted:
I have more information for you on the seroma building under your arm.............It is a FACT that this can/could have been caused from 'overusing' your arm while packing and moving.Any of us who have had node removal are at risk of this at ANY time after we have nodes removed. Even years down the road. Recomendations are that the fluids may move on, on their own in time. If the fluids build up worse then have it checked but many times the fluids will reabsorb on their own. Use your discomfort levels for determination on medical asisstance. Also, after having nodes removed, we should be wearing rubber gloves on the affected arm/hand while using cleaning fluids/cleaners.The chemicals can affect the health of our node/arm system on the affected side.
So, considering the move you have made, it is not all that unusual for this to happen. Let it rest and give it some time.If it does not improve consult a physician.
Hope this helps!