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    Jean1960 posted:
    I just had a stereotactic needle core biopsy yesterday 12/14 and my head is spinning. This has gone way too fast since my follow-up mammo a week ago today 12/8. My routine mammo from last Dec ('10) showed that they wanted me to come back in 6 mos. Since my mammo in June I have developed new calicifications in my left breast. A different spot than what they were watching. I had a biopsy 10 years ago in my right breast for calcifications (which was benign) and this time it's SO different! When I got to the radiology dept of where my biopsy was done yesterday, the doctor and tech were reviewing my films and decided there was another spot next to the one they were originally doing the biopsy on. So I had 2 biopsies done on my left breast. This was the most difficult thing I've had to experience so far.

    Not gonna lie, I'm scared! This was NOTHING like the biopsy 10 years ago. This mammo was rated a 4 (BIRAD or something like that?) and I'm not quite sure what that means when I know 5 is the worse. I've been researching this and had to stop reading about it...I was scaring myself even more.

    My mind is racing and I want to be around to grow old with my husband. I'm 51. I want to see my son & his GF eventually marry and start their lives. I want to see my daughter & her BF eventually marry and be happy. I want to watch my grandson grow up! I want to enjoy an early retirement at age 55. I'm on a countdown and so can NOT wait for that! I want to stop the clock for a few minutes and say "wait a minute, wth is going on?" This is crazy and it's making me more stressed than ever!

    When I saw my new breast doctor (other one retired) he said to not worry and then followed that with "easier said than done" He said if this is cancer, it's highly treatable because it's caught early. I sure the hell hope so! He also said this type of cancer is ONLY caught by can't feel it in a breast exam. I have to wait until Monday to find out how the biopsy is.

    When I was laying on that table yesterday, the tears started flowing. I was watching my life fly by in an instant and could only think of my husband, kids and grandson! I wish this happened in June instead of now...hard to go thru when it's Christmastime!

    I'm gonna keep myself busy and maybe do some baking today...maybe finish my Christmas crafts...maybe write my Christmas cards...maybe wrap a few gifts. I stayed home from work today because this is very uncomfortable and I just couldn't face the office after yesterday.

    Thanks for letting me vent and rattle on.............
    GGrandmaJan responded:
    Hi Jean, Words can not express how sorry I feel for you having to go thru all this--specially this time of year. You have come to the right place as we are all caring ladies. We have all been in your shoes. All I can say is-- "Don't forget to breathe! Take some slow deep breathes---in and out until your world quits spinning." It really does help.

    It sounds like you have found a very caring Dr. Please, Please, don't bother trouble. He is very right about catching all of this early--IF that is the case, but you do not know that yet. Treatments---IF you should need any are very doable. I just finished 6 months of chemo and it was so easy. Barely any side effects-- fatigue was about it which a short nap took care of very easily. They have come a long way with meds. Now I also am playing the waiting game. Had a PET scan (total body) yesterday and waiting for results.

    The dang waiting is totally the PITS!!! You are right to keep as busy as you can. Unfortunately our bodies do not know if it is June or Dec. I also wish all of this could have waited another month for you.

    We will be holding your hand until you get results. Please, do come back here and let us know how you are doing. We do care!?!?!? Also we are open 24/7 for any venting, whining, crying and we do have a lot of laughter with some of these ladies. You can tell that by reading the posts. We might have had cancer but we have NOT let it take away our sense of humor.

    All my best to you.

    judyfams responded:
    I'm so sorry all this has happened right before Christmas! And you are correct in keeping yourself busy while you wait for the results of the biopsy.
    The waiting is the absolute worst part - deep breathing exercises do help the anxiety quite a bit. Just try to inhale deeply through your mouth, hold for a count of 6 and then slowly exhale through mouth to a count of 10. Do that a few times and it might help.
    First and foremost your surgeon is 200% correct in saying that calcifications are usually benign and are common as the breast (not you!) age. And if they are cancerous it is very, very, treatable with an excellent prognosis!
    So while all of this stinks - the outcome whatever it is will allow you to marry off your son and daughter and be around to walk down the aisle for your grandson's wedding!
    Your venting is also very normal and we know those feelings you are having - we have all had them. I am not minnimizing them - just letting you know we understand - and want you to feel free to come here and vent anytime - and don't apologize for doing that!
    Please, please come back and let us know the results of your biopsy.
    Good luck,
    Rachael67 responded:
    Jan and Judy are not only very knowledgeable but also among the most caring and constant of our members! Please be assured that everything you are feeling, everthing you are going thru right now is normal! I always described that initial phase of my diagnosis as being overwhelming! I was caught between flight and fright...If I wished hard enough, could I have the day before I knew back again? If I ran fast and hard enough, could I escape this new monster? (Remember the old adage about "if wishes were horses..."? Well, I had a a stable full!!!)

    All that the ladies have advised is correct. Should this prove to be cancer (and at this moment that is not definitive, right?), your doctor has assured you that it is caught early and is very treatable! (Tho' you may not wish to have to deal with it, if necessary, you can!)

    You are very wise to occupy your hands and mind with something other than worrying. Yes, it is a sucky time of year to have to face this, but, honestly, I can't think of anytime that would be easy. We just face whatever, put one foot in front of the other, and hope the path smooths out, right? Though our temptation is to hold our breath until everything goes back to "normal," breathing truly is quite helpful.

    It sounds like what you are facing might be DCIS..Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. If that is the case, I, also, had that and must admit despite all the fears I took on initially, it really wasn't anywhere as bad as I had envisioned. That was back in 2003, and, as of now (don't want to tempt the fates!), it is still okay.

    You will be in our thoughts. Feel free to come here with any concerns or questions or hands to hold or shoulders to cry on...That's why this community is here! Please let us know how you are doing. Okay???

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly!
    Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    Jean1960 replied to Rachael67's response:
    Jan, Judy & Rachael - Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I will take your advice. Doesn't make it any easier, but I am so busy from now until Christmas that Monday will be here before I know it.

    The day of my mammogram I was heartbroken when I found out my original breast doctor had retired this past June. Everybody I know went to him! He was very caring and reassuring. One of my friends who went to him was the first person I called when I found out I needed a biopsy. She suggested this group of doctors. I couldn't get into the original one she suggested but it seems like the one I was put with is fabulous. This is a breast center that I'm going to.

    What has gotten me most nervous is when I had the biopsy done 10 years ago, my doctor then said this was just a precaution. He didn't think it was anything but had to check to make sure. I even went to have the biopsy by myself. THIS time, way different! Almost like an urgency with it. My sister in law came with me and kept the chatter up about anything BUT cancer. She was a godsend and doesn't even know it LOL

    It's been so crazy here that I forgot to take my turkey out of the freezer for Sunday's Christmas dinner at my parents! It's only a 10 lb turkey and I hope it unthaws enough to bake Sunday. I know, change of subject!

    Today I'm off to work. Christmas party there during the day. So that will keep me busy. Tomorrow I'm baking cookies, wrapping presents and finish my cards. Sunday it's a busy BUSY day! So, I'll keep busy to keep my mind off of things.

    Again, ladies THANK YOU! I will keep in touch and let you know how Monday pans out....

    brcansur replied to Jean1960's response:
    Welcome, so sorry it has to be this way but you have truely come to the right place all the ladies here are very kind hearted and will help in any way they can. My thoughts are maybe being it happened this time of year was meant to be because you are so busy it keeps your mind off of it more then if it was back in June hhmmm!! It is a very good thing for you that this weekend is a busy one for you that way you have your mind on family and activities and not about the results. That is one of the things I did and still do during my test and the waiting time. I keep my mind and hands busy. I cook, bake, do crafts or like everyone on here knows I paint and redo rooms in my house lol. I even put down a new wood tile floor in my kitchen right before this last surgery about 4 weeks ago. Keeping yourself busy really does help. Plus like the other ladies have said breath nice calming breaths because we really do tend to hold our breath when we are stressed and tense. So just sit and close your eyes for a few mins and do some calm breathing it will help. My thoughts and prayers are with wishing you all the best. Have a great weekend angel hugs Roberta,
    Jean1960 replied to brcansur's response:
    Good morning ladies! Just thought I'd let you know I got my phone call yesterday and it's benign! Phew! Nurse did say that dr may want to take out more tissue and she stopped short to say make sure I keep my upcoming Friday appt. That the dr will discuss findings with me. Don't know what this meant, but only thing I heard clearly was BENIGN! YAY!

    Thank you for letting me go on and on. This was scary this time around...not like 10 years ago.

    Merry Christmas to all...
    Jenna291 replied to Jean1960's response:
    Hello Jean,
    I am just getting caught up and read your post and now want to say YAY for the benign result. Sounds like you were and are being watched closely, that is a great thing.

    I went thru my biopsies and chemo just before Christmas a few years back and it does add to the stress of the season. I am happy that is NOT the case for you!!!!

    Now you can sit back and relax and truly have a Merry Christmas and enjoy every second with family and friends.

    ~ Jenna
    brcansur replied to Jenna291's response:
    Hello just wanted to say have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope the weather hold outs for you in Boston. It has been nice here a little cold but no snow that has stayed just a few dustings we have been very lucky so far. I am not going to say that out loud do not want mother nature to hear. I don't need to have to clear the snow away I am not supposed to do that due to bad back. Plus don't like doing it. Have a great day hope you are getting this beautiful sunshine like we are here. Angel hugs Roberta,
    Jenna291 replied to brcansur's response:
    Hi Roberta,

    Its crisp in the Boston area, low 30's, but sunny and NO snow! I am with you, don't like to shovel at all. We are expecting maybe a dusting for Christmas and hopefully that is it! I can do without it for the rest of the winter! I don't like driving in it at all. I get really tense!

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year.

    I hope you are surrounded with family, friends, and lots of laughter, and let's not forget yummy food and flowers!!!!

    Cheers! Jenna
    brcansur replied to Jenna291's response:
    It is cold here also and raining all day today, we are supposed to get rain then snow on christmas eve. I am hoping it doesn't change to snow because it will be very slippery under the snow. It is still up in the air if it will. I don't like driving in it either because of the way some people tend to drive like it is still summer out.
    Oh yes the good food and all the yummy sweet treats i make a lot of different cookies I will have to write the list later after I get back from dropping off the cookies to all my doctors. I made a lot of new ones this year. I really need to get going will chat later have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    brcansur replied to Jenna291's response:
    Here is my cookie list so far I have more to bake Fri to add to my trays to hand out christmas eve and day.
    1.Choc with Andes candies, 2. Chuncky cookies with broken pretzels,peanuts,choc chips.3. lemon pudding butter cookies.4. Cherry pecan with orange zest white choc chips and cherries.5. Anisette cookies.6. Spritz cookies with Almond. 7. Italian choc cookies.8. italian cherry cookies.9. Lemon bars.10 Lime bars
    I am not sure what else I am going to make something different that I have not made before. Plus I make a popcorn treat for all the children each year. It has popcorn, pretzels, chex cereal, peanuts,raisins then I make a carmel with honey or maple to pour over you bake for 45 min mixing every 15 till done when done you mix in mini chips and m&m'sThat is pretty much my cookies for this year. The ones with the pretzels in them are so good I have never made them before they are in a new cookbook that I just got a few weeks ago at target. Yummy a lot of good cookies for christmas fun Have a great day and christmas weekend angel hugs Roberta,
    cindy12345678 replied to brcansur's response:
    Wow you are busy!!,My sisters and I baked yeaterday.We
    made, spritz butter cookies, russian tea cakes (snowballs),
    toffee bars, and potica( polish nut roll pastry). I am going
    to have some potica for breakfast. I am going to make
    some fudge today. I have a christmas party tonight and then
    relax tomorrow then to sisters on Christmas then relax the
    next day. I need to get back exercising. My energy level
    has been pretty good the last few days. I hope that stays
    and improves since no more chemo. Its been about a month.
    Not sleeping all the way through lately though.
    Have a great christmas ladies!! You all deserve the best!!
    Love and hugs,

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