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    rib pain 7 years after breast cancer
    supergrangran posted:
    I am new to this site and was drawn to it looking for support for breast pain, feels swollen and very painful like severe water retention but the pain is going into my arm pit, I had a tumour removed and lymph nodes which were clear but developed a lump on one rib after radiotherapy seven years ago. This lump was checked and monitored for a few years and found to be clear.

    A few days ago I turned while I was sitting in a chair at my work and felt a severe pain in my rib. To be truthful I thought I had broken a rib but it feels ridiculous to think like this given I only turned around to look at something, since then I am miserable with the pain and am taking strong painkillers to cope.

    It has been helpful to read other stories but wondered if anyone has has similar problems which were brought on in similar circumstances i have not been seen by a doctor yet as I dont want a stay in hospital and as soon as you mention chest pain they do want to look at your heart and that usually means an overnight
    rachael67 responded:
    Were I you I'd definitely get to he doctor. First of all, our bodies try to let us know if something is amiss..Your body is letting you know with this pain. Now it is up to you to follow-up.

    Regarding possible causes, I wouldn't so easily dismiss the chance of a broken rib. The radiation can weaken bones, etc. and sometimes all it takes is one odd or quick movement.

    Please have it checked and keep us updated. You will be in our thoughts.

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Maya Angelou
    cindy12345678 responded:
    I agree with rachael, Get to your doctor. It will be better to
    know what is up. Maybe lymphodema. I read it can happen
    at anytime .
    supergrangran replied to rachael67's response:
    Thank you for your reply I phoned the out of hours service and after a few questions they sent me to accident and emergency room. I have been x rayed and given stronger painkillers.

    I should say when I woke up this morning I was wheezing and had a slight cough. Since I have taken the stronger painkillers this has settled. The doctor wants me to be seen again in one week if the pain does not totally settle.

    I am also due to see the consultant at the breast clinic on the 5th May. The outcome of my day was that I have a lump, which I knew about and have had for 6/7years when I finished radiotherapy, but the same rib now is slightly swollen further round towards my left armpit.

    My breast on the same side feels tender and swollen. When I got the dx 7yrs ago I had the same symptoms in my breast and thought at the time that the pain was exercise related.

    I have two weeks to wait and am just going to try and enjoy life as a woman still in remission and not think about what else may be,

    I would also like to share that on Tuesday of this week I had an appointment with a neurology doctor who I have been seeing for headaches. I was scanned and shown to have two cavernomas (spelling may not be right!) I am to see a neurosurgeon because these things in my brain have been bleeding. When I did a bit of research on this I found out that this also is a side effect of radiotherapy.

    its fair to say I have not had the best of weeks and so am feeling a bit sorry for myself and wondering were is the break? did I forget to book it! I know I am just having a bad week and with a good nights sleep I will be fine but it feels good to moan anyway.

    Your support is so appreciated God bless us all X
    rachael67 replied to supergrangran's response:
    So glad you sought/are seeking medical help. And glad that you have pills to help ease the pain while you wait.

    How smart of you to focus on trying to enjoy this period of waiting. Tho' it might prove difficult at times (despite our best efforts, crap seems to surface periodically!), it is a definite plus to try and stay upbeat!

    We will keep you in our thoghts, and you keep us updated. Okay?

    We all have pity parties from time to time, what is important is that we invite others (often by coming here and venting!), and that we give the party a time limit!

    We're open 24/7 for our members whenever they need us!

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Maya Angelou
    supergrangran replied to rachael67's response:
    A Wee Update!

    Have now been seen by the Consultant who is referring me for another mammogram(ouch!) and a bone scan then she will see me back in four weeks for results.

    The money at the moment is on radiotherapy damage but tests are to make sure that everything is OK and nothing nasty has returned.

    If this is damage she said there are things they can do to make life more comfortable but wouldnt discuss that with me at my appointment.

    Will let you know how I get on.

    Love and hugs to all xx
    rachael67 replied to supergrangran's response:
    Glad to hear that it appears things might not have made a return visit...We will hold that thought and send good vibes for such results.

    If it is rads damage, please do share what options you may have as I know many of the members have similar discomfort due to that.

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Maya Angelou

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