No Call-Back today---But,
GGrandmaJan posted:
Thanks everyone for all the support today. Sounds like some of you have lost it as well as me. LOL.

I did put in a call to the Nurse line. BUT---as I do not know what his schedule is and don't even know if he worked today. Also they have my records on-line. So was able to figure all that out.......

Big round of applause for this ole' lady to figure something new dealing with a computer. YEAH.?!?!?!?

Left them a message: "When can I expect any results on the Broncho done 6/5. Paralized with fear!!!!" Signed my name. Then I read all messages would be answered in a timely matter within 24 hr period. A-HA----so much for any fast service!!!!!

Took another half xanax and took a long nap. Didn't get much done but still plogging along.

Tomorrow is another day.

BTW---Rachael, I did say DH and I were addicted to POP----not Poop!!! Oh my gosh, I was laughing so hard. You are Nuts.

Thanks again all.
Blessings everyone---you are such a great crew.
judyfams responded:
Jan, the waiting sucks soooooooo bad. Sorry for that - please let us know the minute you hear anything - we all feel you "waiting pain"
jenna291 replied to judyfams's response:
Hi Jan,
You have the best sense of humor!!! I know how hard the waiting is, Lord we have all been there way to many times.
I hope you hear super soon and come back and share...
hugs ~
shell1007 responded:
I think you send all of us over the edge today. Slugs, mice,etc
Good for a great laugh.
Still got my fingers & toes crossed for "infection"
Try taking a whole xanax tonight (that will put you out)
BTW my Sister & I have called wal mart Wally World forever & I though we were the only Looney Tunes out there
Target = Tar J (french version) K Mart= K Marche
Yes we are sick,sick girls
Hey the sun is peeking out up here
Have a good evening
GGrandmaJan replied to shell1007's response:
Oh Shell, that is so funny!!!! Yes, we have called wal-mart ---Wally-World ever since it opened here in Chehalis. Dang store drove out 3 of our grocery stores. They were private owned and couldn't keep with the competition from WW. I hate shopping at those Hugh Box stores but what are you going to do.

I love the K Mart= one also. My daughter used to work for the Bon Marche and called K Mart that for years. Perhaps this is just a Western Wash thing. So So funny, tho.

I was laughing so hard when one of the ladies thought I was going to a theme park. LOL. If only!!!!

Yes, your sister and you are definitely Looney Tunes.

It was mind-boggling how much my intial post changed thru the day. Guess we were ALL in need of some laughter.