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    losingsleep posted:
    The doctor found a lump a couple of days ago and did a ultra sound in the office. He said it doesn't look quite right. I am going Monday for a mammogram and a ultrasound and then the visit with the doctor on friday to go over the results, He told me we are doing a biopsy regardless. I have tried not to let my self worry but I am losing sleep. I am so mad at myself I didn't go have my mammogram last year like I was suppose to. The lump is very small. I almost have a hard time finding it. This waiting is just horrible.
    judyfams responded:
    The waiting is the worst part of this whole scenario - especialy since you do not have any idea what to expect!
    I am so sorry that you have to go through this - but let me give you some advice.
    1. You should try to keep yourself busy and not obsess about this.
    2. Deep breathing and exercise does help to calm your nerves.
    3. Please know that 80% of all tumors are benign.
    4. If it does turn out that you are diagnosed with breast cancer - it was probably caught early and is an early stage creast cancer - meaning thatyour prognosis is very good.
    If you are so anxious - please call the doctor and ask for some anxiety meds. There is nothing wrong with doing that as it is important that you get some rest, relief and sleep.
    Please let us know how you are over the weekend. Wecare always here to support you. And also let us know how Monday's appointment goes.
    Much good luck,
    mhall6252 replied to judyfams's response:
    I second everything that Judy said, and please know that we will all board "Pinkie" to accompany you and hold your hand as you go through the diagnostic process. And I am sending positive thoughts and wishes for benign results.

    Read my blog at
    Smile and the world smiles with you!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    (((hugs))) to you and positive thoughts coming your way!

    Please keep us updated and do take Judy's suggestions. One of my favorite articles here has some great suggestions to quell anxiety immediately.

    10 Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress On-the-Spot

    losingsleep replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thanks, I have been keeping busy as I am in the middle of a move as well. I hear the doctors words over and over "something doesn't look quite right" I wish he would of just said lets get some more tests to make sure or something like that. I probably wouldn't be freaking out as much as I am. Thanks for responding. I will keep you guys posted.
    vajanie replied to losingsleep's response:
    Hi, just wanted to welcome you, whatever your outcome. I am fairly new here myself, and have been in a medical whirlwind lately too.I wanted to tell you that you have found the best group of people possible here when it comes to support and practical suggestions. One of their first to me concerned anxiety over waiting on test results. There really is no need to go it alone, anxiety meds can take the edge off extreme worry, and there is absolutely no shame in needing help. And you certainly need your sleep.
    Everyone here will be pulling for you on Monday. I think it makes a world of difference to be able to communicate with those who know just how you feel.

    Wishing you the very best,

    cindy12345678 replied to losingsleep's response:
    I think its great your Doc is getting all the tests. If it is
    ( and I mean if) something it is soooo much better to
    get it right away. I think the biopsy is most impprtant.
    Then you will know for sure . Just take it one step at a
    time. Janie is right, you have come to the right place
    for info and support. We will all be there with you on Mon.
    Keeping busy is best. Try not to worry. I know its hard
    but it will be ok.
    rachael67 responded:
    As you can see, you've a gathering crowd of supporters who will be beside you on Monday and hoping for a great report! (If you feel someone holding your hand, it's just one of us trying to offer reassurance!)

    Now, however, I am going to kinda scold! PLEASE, NOT blame yourself for something you did or did not do!!! Most likely it made no real difference and feeling guilty will not help. My adice is to put on your "Warrior" gear and know whatever may come your way, you will deal with it!

    Looking back, we all become so brilliant that I kinda envy the way Merlin (from King Arthur) did it: He began older and grew younger with the years. No wonder he was so wise!!!!!

    For us poor mortals, however, all we can do is learn the best we can from our mistakes as well as from our victories! I kinda think that might be what life is all about...That AND learning to love ourselves and each other!

    Please let us know how you are doing.

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Maya Angelou
    jenna291 replied to rachael67's response:
    It sounds like your doctor is super throrough which is a great thing.
    I am hoping you get a good report today, and will look for your udpate.

    hugs and flowers ~
    losingsleep replied to jenna291's response:
    Thank you so much everyone. I have been taking xanax and it seems to take the edge off a little. I had my Mammo Mon but was told my breast are so dense that it doesn't show up so that made me feel better about missing it last year. I did a ultrasound yesterday and was able to get an appt. for a biopsy which I did today. A core biopsy. All of these tests should be at my Dr's office for my appt. Friday afternoon. So just a few more days of waiting now. The biopsy was easy. I am sore now but it was so much better than what I had envisioned in my head. I love the support and want to thank you guys for responding. You guys are great!
    rachael67 replied to losingsleep's response:
    Watch for Pinkie on Friday..We'll all be aboard to escort you. We are great at holding hands and giving tons of good thoughts for a great report!

    Let us know how you are doing...and come here for support while you are wating!

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Maya Angelou
    vajanie replied to rachael67's response:
    I'm glad to hear that the xanax is helping even a little. This waiting for test results is so stressful, and sometimes just a bit of relief lets us sleep and carry on with daily routines. When I'm waiting for an appointment, with test outcomes, I try to make time to go to a movie or have dinner with family, anything to give me a small "vacation" from cancer. A friend gave me a gift subscription to Netflix, and I found some series that I have enjoyed greatly. We watch an hour every night, and for that time I forget I have anything wrong.
    I hope so much for good results for you on Friday and will be keeping you in my thoughts. Please come back and let us know.

    losingsleep replied to vajanie's response:
    Dr. called last night said it is cancer. NOW WHAT? Gave me the number of a cancer surgeon, said he will have to remove it and stage it. He does not know what kind it is only that it is less than 1 cm and is not in surrounding tissue. Said I need chemo and radiation. I am losing my insurance in six months and was going to move to Wyoming. I live in Cal. now. Is that really all the biopsy says? It's cancer and you need chemo?
    rachael67 replied to losingsleep's response:
    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis...There never will be a better time to focus on breathing!! (Odd idea given what you are facing? Not really! Too many of us are in shock and somehow think that by holding our breath everything will go back to what it was before that dreadful word "cancer" entered our lives! However, holding your breath only intensifies the stress level and the feelings of being totally out of control. So, please, right now... take a deep, slow breath in...Now, slowly breath out...Again slowly in and focus on your breath...and slowly out. Repeat until your world begins to slow down and becomes a mite more manageable. It is amazing what this simple exercise can do to help...Honestly!)

    Now, to some of the other issues. As of this minute you've no idea just what precisely you are dealing with except that it has been diagnosed as cancer. Your next step must be to seek a surgeon...particularly one who is associated with a breast care center. (They have the most up to date facilities and knowledge as they deal with these issues 24/7!)

    The lack of a complete picture right now leaves you in the dark. It seems small and contained...Both VERY good! I would question that before having the entire report, the idea that you must have any particular form of treatment would be questionable. Thus far, you do not know the stage or type, etc...So, to immediately rush to the idea of chemo or rads might be nothing more than a supposition.

    On this path to learn what you are facing and what steps are options for you, do NOT hesitate to seek 2nd opinions! Most of our members find hearing from more than one doctor most helpful in dicision making.

    The finances could, sadly, add a complication that you certainly do not need right now! May I suggest that you look at the "Tips" area on the right side of this board....There you will find many ideas which might help in dealing with expenses. As I recall there are perhaps as many as a half dozen or more posts with good ideas. I hope at least a few would offer you paths to pursue.

    In the meantime, please feel free to come here with questions or to vent or to get a much needed bit of reassurance. The waiting sucks big time, but we are here to help in any way we can...and to empathize fully! You will be in all our thoughts. Keep us posted on how you are doing...Okay??

    A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.
    Maya Angelou
    vajanie replied to rachael67's response:
    I too am so sorry to hear the news of your diagnosis. Rachael's right, it's far too early to be thinking ahead of possible treatments. If possible, I'd focus now on the first step, finding a breast surgeon, preferably one at a breast care center, as Rachael advised. Also, one who listens carefully to your concerns, includes you in the decision making process, and gives you plenty of time for questions. A mistake that I made was to rush into reading all the literature that my breast care center gave me. You of course want all the information you can gather, but I had a couple of very bad days after reading about all possible treatments.That's when I lost sleep.
    If I had it to do again I'd definitely take one step at a time. Right now, for you, that's the surgeon.
    You might also check to see if your breast care center, if you have one available, has free counseling for patients. I have found this service to be a great comfort. I also attend a support group locally. I know that this sounds like a lot to do, and it is. I wonder if you have a close friend or family member who could help you explore options available to you, particularly if you are still working.
    And, please don't let your cancer define you. It's certainly a part of your life, a big part right now, but it's only one part of your life. The fact that it is small and seems not to have invaded surrounding tissues sounds like very good news. If possible, try to look ahead to a time after your treatment, and your move, to living your life again, after cancer.

    I wish you all the best and please do come back and let us all know how you are doing. We all do care.


    that's the surgeon.

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