keeb57 posted:
I had stage one last year, lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. After all that - did not want to take tamoxifen. Starting to feel like I made a mistake. I'm not overweight, eat pretty good, exercise moderately and drink about 4 glasses of wine a week. When i read the side effects of Tamox. it sounded like PMS 24/7. Any thoughts?
cindy12345678 responded:
I was stg 3 bi-lateral.Bi-mast chemo no rads. I am
on tamoxifen. I have been on it for a 1yr and 10 mos.
It's always our decision what to do. The only problem I
really have with it is hot flashes. Everyone is different.
I am sure you could talk to your onc and take it or one of
the other anti- estrogen drugs . I don't think it would be
too late if you wanted to.