menstral periods
KellyB64 posted:
I have been on birth control pills for 2 years. I'm 48 years old I went off the pills on Sept 16, 2012 my period was suppose to start the week of Sept 9th did not start.
Should I be concerned that it has not started. yet.
And my breast are very sore, full like i'm breast feeding.
judyfams responded:
My suggestion would be to at least call your OB/GYN and ask why your period did not come on schedule on Sept. 9 - when you were still on the birth control pills and why your breasts are sensitive.
This may all be due to the possibly that you are beginning menopause. That would account for a fluctuation in your hormone levels causing the change in your periods and the breast sensitivity.
The only way to be sure what is going on with your body is to speak to and/or see your doctor.
Please let us know what you find out and how you are doing.
Good luck,