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    Surgery in 7 days
    MsMax posted:
    I am having a double mascetomy in seven days. I live alone with no family to speak of. I really don't have any friends and I am scared that the recovry will be difficult. I am having reconstruction as well. My doctor said I will only be in the hospital for one day. I don;t think I am depressed I think I am still in denial. Anyone please let me know how long the recovery will be. Can I make it to the bathroom??? Without help.
    tobewithpeace responded:
    Hi MsMax,
    I often consider myself living alone although my fifteen year old son lives with me. I also understand your denial. I was just diagnosed a week ago. I'd love to be your support system. We can be each others.
    tobewithpeace replied to tobewithpeace's response:
    I meant I consider myself alone...not living alone. I just know how it feels to totally rely on yourself.
    kiwiallright responded:

    I had bilateral mastectomy back in 2009, I did not have reconstruction at that time, my recovery was good. If I understand correctly you are living on your own. I do believe that going to the bathroom would not be a problem. They want you up and walking as soon as possible. My reconstruction took place a year later that was a different story, you would need help. Actually with both procedures you should have someone staying with you. Good Luck


    rachael67 responded:
    Sorry to hear of your upcoming surgery. It is very normal to have all sorts of emotions racing thru you at such a time: From fear to panic to denial to feeling overwhelmed and blind-sided.

    Being alone at such a time could be a challenge and slow recovery because out of necessity you might push yourself to do more than you should too early on. I would suggest if you cannot find a friend to help for a couple of days or so, how about anyone thru your church or work? Also, have you spoken to your medical team about not having anyone to assist? Perhaps the patient advocate at the hospital you are going to?

    If, worse comes to worse, and you cannot get anyone in to help, please be kind to yourself...Let things go ...Household jobs have a unique way just waiting quietly for us, and you can tackle them when you are feeling better. Pre-plan things like meals, etc. which can be fixed and frozen and ready when you will come home. (Again, talk with the health care folks and see how best to prepare for your recovery. I am sure they will have tons of ideas that might slip past me now.)

    Please know we will all be holding you in our thoughts, and supporting you. Let us know how you are doing...Okay?

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    sweetie responded:
    Hi MsMax
    I had a double mastectomy in Nov. 2011, stayed overnight in the hospital and walked out on my own and even went to the gift shop in the lobby before heading home ( they had a wreath I wanted) haha...I went in April 2012 for implant reconstruction only to learn that the radiation had damaged my tissue on the inside and I would no longer be a candidate for that procedure...however I am going to have a DIEP in February 2013. You can do this....your not alone, God loves you !

    marilyn63 responded:
    I am new to this site but wise to have a community of ladies to connect with. I had my double mascetomy a year ago Oct. 18. I also had my expanders put in at the same time. I was in the hospital for two nights. I won't lie. I was in pain, and took pain med's for two weeks.
    I don't suggest staying alone the first few days. You really can't lift your arms high, so you will need help. I bougt a seat from Wal Mart for the shower. My shower head comes off so I was able to take showers. I have long hair so I needed help with that. You will also need to take care of your tubes. I used a white board to keep track of info. including what time I took the meds. I also suggest getting a wedge pillow. This way you not lying flat. It's hard to get up from that position. Some find sleeping in a recliner easier.
    The American Cancer Society has programs that I can help you. Call your local chapter. They will help with rides to doctors, cleaning the house and hook you up with food if needed. Local churches may also have a cancer ministry and may help as well.
    Oh and last piece of advice- use button down or zip up shirts for the first couple of weeks. Bring one to the hospital with you. You won't be able to wear pull overs.
    Hope this helps some. Not sure where you live, most cities offer help. You may want to let your son's school know what is going on. They may be a good resource for you.
    They may also keep an extra eye on him. My high school daughter struggles with my situation.
    Hope I was able to help.
    Oh yeah, ask your doctor for hospital resources. Mine had so many including support groups.

    Keep me posted. Best to you. You will come through and will be amazed how strong you are.
    marilyn63 replied to marilyn63's response:
    Sorry, that was a lot of info at one time.
    cindy12345678 responded:
    I had bi-mast in Jan 2011. I was in the hospital for three
    days. Do they know you have no one at home? They
    may arrange for you to stay a little longer. Or they may
    be able to send a home health nurse. Like Judy says,
    if you have to go it alone, let things go. It will be there
    when you feel better. Can you get take out delivered?
    I think the first 10 days are the roughest. Just make sure
    to take your pain meds.around the clock. It's best to
    stay on top of it.Ice packs helped me alot.Ask your doc,
    or nurse if they think that is ok.
    Please keep in touch nad let us know how you are doing?
    Do you have any other treatment plans?
    The ladies here have alot of knowledge,they are a great
    Take care ,

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