Cyst in a breast at 68 years old - it's pretty uncommon I am told.
Anon_11642 posted:
Hi - I had a nodule in my breast that turned out to be a cyst - I did have breast cancer almost 10 years ago and had my right breast removed - it was also in the same area - the ductal area so I thought for sure it was cancer. The dr. said it definitely was a cyst about pea size - radiologist said followup in a year with a mammogram but she thought since it is unusual for my age to have a cyst she asked if they could do a followup sonogram in 4 months which of course I said yes.

My question - has any of you or do you know anyone at my age having a cyst? Am not going to worry as I worried big time for 11 days until I got my results. Anyway - just wondering if anyone you know of had a cyst in their breast at my age - will be 69 in a few weeks.

Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon.
brcansur responded:
Hello, I have heard of cyst but not sure if they happen at your age or not. You didn't say how they decide it was a cyst, was a biopsy done or was it by mammo? When I had some issues after my dx and surgery I had a needle bio done to make sure it wasn't anything and it wasn't. I would say yes also for that follow up sono.
I have heard of getting cysts on the kidneys from chemo and other parts of your body so I wouldn't say that it couldn't happen. I have them on my kidneys now and one on my spine in my neck. I just keep my follow up appts and the doctors keep an eye on them I am told it is common. I wasn't told this before only after they found them in one of my test after chemo was done and I was having some issues !! Isn't that the way it always goes
I wish you the best of luck and sending angel hugs your way have a great day Roberta,