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I'm Speechless - Almost
vajanie posted:
Hi everyone, I haven't posted for awhile but do read everyone's posts. I had a small solo outing today at a little shopping area near me. Just one small shop and a coffee place,, wore my mask. I had a conversation with the owner of the shop, prompted by the mask. I told her it was because of chemo treatments. Her eyes widened, she took a step back and asked if my cancer was contagious. She was behind a counter, we were at least 10 feet apart, I don't get close to anyone when I'm out, even with a mask. I was absolutely shocked. Has anyone else ever had an experience like this? I would have understood if the year was 1950, when breast cancer was seldom even discussed, much less understood.
I have a big day today, getting my hair buzzed off. It's time.

Hope all are well.
brcansur responded:
Hello, I don't know weither to laugh or say OMG !!! That was so odd is she from some other world or what ?! To ask if cancer is contagious !? WoW That is a first for me I have never heard such a thing now to have someone ask me if I should be out aorund others yes That I have heard ! Because they know we can get sick very easy when having chemo but this I have never heard. What did you say or do ? I could just imagine your face at that time shock ! and then more shock ! I don't know if I would have said anything or just walked away from there. I still don't know what to say but shame on her for not knowing more about cancer and that you can't get it from someone else like that.
I hope you had a good day with the hair buzzing I did something different with my hair every time I ran my fingers through my hair it fell out so I decided to pull my hair out. Yup really !! It was a lot of fun I had my friend help me it didn't hurt I couldn't feel a thing. I even got her a few times by acting like it did so funny. I put it all in one of those buckets from the hospital made it even funnier and took pictures as we did this. Hey you have to have some fun while going through all of this right. Then I dressed as uncle fester for holloween my head glowed in the dark so cool I had a blast with being bald.
So now thinking about it I probably would have said something smart to her Like ya you might so you should go see your doctor right away and tell them you were around someone with cancer and might have it. Oh and I would watch out for sores all over your body and if you start getting achy or anything it isn't a good sign. I can be so bad sometimes and a jokester. Hope you ended up having a great day after that remark angel hugs Roberta,

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