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    Need positive stage 3 stories
    Elizabeth46 posted:
    Hi my name is Liz I am 46 and on sept 24 I found out I had breast cancer ! We thought it was stage 2 unti pathology returned after surgery! Thank god I elected for a double masectomy because my cancer free breast was found to have a small cancer starting ! I had 6 of 22 nodes positive . I am married with an 8 and 14 year old daughters that are my world! I need some positive stories and women to share my journey with.
    cindy12345678 responded:
    You have come to the right place! I am sorry to hear of your
    dx. I am 47. I had st3 lobuar and st 2 her2 ductal.
    I had bi-lateral mast. and went through alot of chemo.
    I am doing well. I had reconstuction that I am happy with.
    I have 1yr 11 mos. remission so far. I take tamoxifen.
    I try to eat right. I need to exercise more. I am working full
    time . I love my life and I am trying not to waste a minute of
    it! There is always hope. I don't know why this happend
    to us , but I plan to keep moving foreward ! The ladies
    here are great! They have so much info. Please keep us
    informed on how you are doing. You can make it!
    Hugs and strength ,
    kiwiallright responded:
    HI Liz,

    I am 57, I am three years out or is it four since I was diagnosed in 2009 with In Lobular, I went through chemo, then surgery then rad's, I do my best to enjoy each day at times it is not easy, I feel what is important is understanding what is important in your life, what you want out of it. It is understanding quality versus quantity. I have kept up my daily walking - I enjoyed road cycling and did a lot of that until this year when I go about once a week or when I can, I go a fair distance. As this is my second round with BC one of my biggest positives is I have survived a total of 11 years since my first diagnoses in 2001. I feel another positive is taking charge of what you want, I did what they wanted me to do both times until last year when we discovered it had metasatized to other areas when I said no more chemo, but I have had a very good year, things are stable. The journey is never easy but it is what you did along the way that is of utmost importance.

    Cheers and good luck

    brcansur responded:
    Hello Liz and welcome, I am a 4 year will be 5 in Feb survivor stage 3 dx Feb 13 2008 surgery March31 2008 bi mast chemo May 7 til Aug 20 2008. I had two different tumors two different cancer in the right breast I decided to remove the left breast also due to past history of lumps removed pre cancer cells. I also had pos nodes on the right side removed 2 out of 9 is what I was told. I make sure to eat a lot of veggies and fruits I don't eat red meat but maybe once or twice a year and then I really pay for it. Ham at easter and maybe a roast if I really grave it long enough It isn't that I don't like it my body doesn't !! I do eat a lot of lean proteins and get in a lot of checken fish beans to make up for the red meat. I also get in walks and hikes go to the pool just some kind of movement each day. This helps keep our bodies healthy and keep us feeling good. I wish you all the best and most of all make sure you do what is best for you not someone else to make them happy. This is about you now about what is best for you and your well being and your health and what you feel in your heart and gut is right for you. Have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    An_248671 replied to cindy12345678's response:
    Cindy , Thank you so much I have the same stage 3 lob and 2 duct I also have lymphe nodes positive ! My surgury was oct 9 I had a bi- lateral mast and lymph node removal of 22 and 6 pos for cancer and started reconstruction with the expanders . When pathology came back they decided. I needed radiation as well as chemo so not sure what will happen now in that depart since radiation and implants don't go together . I meet with my medical oncologist nov 7 so not sure my complete treatment plan yet! I am a retail manager and I love it ... Was wondering how that would mix with chemo this holiday season with all the germs ? Very nice to hear how we'll you are doing I've heard so much negative I was happy to find this site ! Hope to hear from you soon , Liz
    Elizabeth46 replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Hi Mary ,, thank you for welcoming me and sharing your story . Did you get diagnosed in 2001 and 11 years later it came back in your breast or other parts of your body! That's what I am so scared of ;( ! This journey has been such a whirlwind I found out sept 24 and had surg oct 9 now I am healing and will receive my chemo plan ! I need to know positive stories like this because there is so much negative and reading statistics of our stage had me crying for 2 days! I agree on enjoying life to the fullest and getting out of it what we want ! Life is so precious far as my treatments I put it in the hands of my doctors I fig they know what's best...? I dud elect for a double mast instead of just right breast because I was afraid it could go to other side in the future ,I am so happy I did because pathology found a small undetected cancer in my left breast we thought was cancer free! I'd love to hear more about your journey and how to cope with life and chemo ! Thank again Liz;)
    Elizabeth46 replied to brcansur's response:
    Thank you Roberta .. So excited to hear you will be 5 year survivor ! My body doesn't agree with the red meat either so I live on chicken and turkey and lots of salads !!! I love to do Zumba's been sad for me not to be able to work out ;( ! I am currently healing so I can start chemo .. I see you had positive lymph nodes also ,,did they want you to do radiation also? My nodes were extending with the cancer cells so that may be why . I did had a normal pet scan . I recently cut my hair short it was long because I will shave when I start chemo it will be to stressful any other way I believe! Thank you for the kind words and sharing your bc journey with me !
    cindy12345678 replied to An_248671's response:
    You can't be negative.There are alot of people with 15 or more
    yrs. Why can't that be us?
    I didn't have rads. I had one lynmph node and it had a few
    cells in it . It wasn't a total tumor. And they removed it. They
    didn't think I would get any bennefit from rads. I hear it is not
    bad. There are things you can do to protect yourself during
    chemo. Hand washing , not hugging to many people .
    I didn't catch anything on chemo. I have a cold right now
    though!LOL Just make sure to treat yourself well while
    you are on chemo. It will be a time to take care of youself.
    Put yourself first. I worked through the first part of chemo.
    The last part I didn't . I know alot of people who worke all
    the way through, and just took off when they just had there
    treatment. Just keep life as normal as you can. I think
    winter is the best time for chemo , because we are inside
    alot anyway. We want to do more things the rest of the year.
    Stay strong!

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