Breast cancer to ovarian cancer?
JLAMB26 posted:
I've been a bit frazzled over the past week or so. After my "annual", my gynecologist sent me for a pelvic ultrasound. I'm 43 and I had been having irregular menstrual cycles since they returned after the end of chemo 1.5 years ago (HER+, hormone neg, Stage 2B single mastectomy). She then called and said she wants me to go in for a pelvic MRI because she found two medium size cysts, one with fluid. She also set up an appointment for me to talk to a gynecological oncologist to talk about "the future of my ovaries". As much as I pressed, she was reluctant to say that she thought that there was a possibility of cancer or to give me any specific reason why she felt I should have an MRI or a consult....I felt she was being very vague though so I'm a bit nervous. My MRI is scheduled for Wednesday of next week. Does anyone know if it is common for breast cancer to reoccur as ovarian cancer?
judyfams responded:
Breast cancer cannot recur as ovarian cancer. Breast cancer can metastasize in the ovaries - but it is still classified as breast cancer.
Unfortunately you can get ovarian cancer which has nothing to do with your breast cancer.
That being said there is a connection between breast and ovarian cancer if one tests positive for the BRACA 1 genes.
Let us know what is found on the MRI as soon as you know.