A good sale on wigs.
GGrandmaJan posted:
Hello ladies,
I got an email from "TLC' about a sale of 30% off on a few wigs but the sale ends tomorrow.

Here is the link I hope:

Hope this works for you. I have bought numerous wigs from them and they are great. If you measisure wrong or don't like the color they will take it back no questions asked. It has to be sent back in all the wrappings it came in, tho.Be sure tho to get a synthetic one and NOT natural hair. Otherwise you will be fixing the dang thing all the time like your own hair. The synthetic ones you shish in special shampoo---rinse and let dry. Then just shack it out and the curls come right back in.

Just an idea.
Good Luck
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goodlook121 responded:

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