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    Possibly paranoid, maybe not . Advice?
    T8ermomma posted:
    I have had a really rough year health wise and I don't know if I am being paranoid because of it or if I really should maybe hold my breath, cross my fingers and Pray to God and all the other god's known to man! I seriously hope someone can virtually shake me and tell me to quit freaking out and it's nothing. . .

    Ok here's my issue and if it sounds kind of familiar to someone, please let me know. I don't have insurance, but I'm working on it and I need to know if I should get this checked our first--or after my gall bladder surgery--which I should have had a year ago!

    I havne't had a pap since my son was 1 or 2--he's now 7. So I haven't had a breast exam since then either. I had been more concerned with keeping my husband sane and healthy for quite some time. (It was at this point the my hubby was booted out of the military for a heart condition--not retired so I didn't get to keep health insurance) I did do monthly breast exams for quite a while and at one point I felt a tiny bump to the left of my left breast about the size of a pin head. It didn't always show up during it, so I just thought fibroid or fiber or something. Then I felt it two months in a row but slightly larger than I remembered--I started feeling every day--I was going in sane. SO I QUIT! I couldn't worry hubby, my glabladder started acting up and I couldn't have that checked because hubby was out of work, It was a comedy of errors. Either way my sanity dictated I quit freaking out.

    About 2 months ago I realized my left breast was feeling fuller--not full of milk or anything, just it was rubbing against my arm when my arms were by my side. Sort of swollen. And it hurt. I had just recently bought a bra--so I attributed it to that. Then it hurt no matter what bra I wore. Not really hurt, just "man that's annoying" hurt. So I did a breast exam. That pin head--is now about the size of a navy bean. it is always in the same place, though it does "rock" if I'm feeling around.

    I can't tell if it's an honest to goodness Holy Crap Batman lump, or if it's a lymph node that is swollen. As it is closer to my armpit than say my nipple. but it is definitely in the tissue along the side of my breast where it hits the underarm area.

    I know 99.99995% of you are going to say go get seen--And I WILL!! i'm just wondering if this sounds familiar or if it's a "huh, that's an odd location for it" and maybe let me breath a sigh of possibly "lymph node' relief. (Even if it's a lymph node, I know it needs checking because it's been swollen for so long). I just need to know if this should be my priority--or the 2-1" gall stones I was diagnosed with last year and that I'm terrified will try to leave my gall bladder.

    judyfams responded:
    You are not paranoid - just very anxious, worried and overwhelmed with everything that has been going on in your life for this past year.
    So why don't you try to prioritize your health problems at this point. You are taking care of your gall bladder problem so you need to get through that surgery physically, and emotionally. And you really need to take care of your breast situation. Here is what I would suggest.
    1. Get some anti-anxiety meds from your doc for the surgery and the breast because it might take a few weeks to get the answer to what is going on with your breast.
    2. Have your breast examined by a breast doctor. Call Planned Parenthood, or Susan Komen or the American cancer Society to find a clinic or a doctor who works with them to help women who do not have health insurance. You first must be seen by a doctor who will then take it from there as to whether or not you need a mammo or other tests.
    3. You need to ultimately take control of your health - once you feel like you are in control you will feel less overwhelmed.
    I really don't know what it could be - cysts related to your menstrual cycle, clogged milk duct, benign tumors, an infection or even breast cancer. Also know that there are many different types of breast diseases which are not all cancerous, so only a doctor can diagnose you. And as you have already said you know you must see a doctor - so take a deep breath and make the necessary phone calls to begin to take control of finding out what is going on with your breast.
    We are always here for you, and I wish you good luck with your surgery. Please come back and let us know how your surgery went and what you find out about what is going on with your breast.
    rachael67 responded:
    Judy has a given you the very best advice any of us could offer! I now chime in not because I can add to what she proposed, but simply to let you know that others on this board are with her in support of you, and will be available whenever you may need us.

    You will be in our thoughts for both the breast issue as well as the gall bladder surgery!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    brcansur responded:
    Hello,I agree with Judy and at the same time need to add that I had 2 lumps one under my breast and one that sounds like the same area you are talking about. Now I don't want to scare you but in a way I do so you will get your little tushy to the doctor and get it check out as soon as you can. Because both of mine turned out to be cancer and 2 different forms of cancer.
    Now that side doesn't mean yours is cancer it just means you want to get it checked out to rule it out the sooner the better so you have one less thing to worry about because gal you have a full plate !!! You really don't need any more to worry about right now. I agree call around because there are places to go when you don't have insurance that do the testing free. I wish you all the best and remember 80% of lumps are not cancer. Sending you loads of angel hugs and well wishes on all the health issues, please come back and let us know how you are doing and what you find out. Roberta,
    goodlook121 responded:

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