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    Bone Mets
    Hopenoosh posted:
    Hello every one.. my world is upside down and I need to need some hope. Recently, my sister diagnosed with the bone mets in her hip which is a vast area. She is 32 years old and she was diagnosed with the stage 1 breast cancer in fall of 2010. They removed the little lump with couple of her lymph nodes under her left arm. Now it is back to her bones. The tests say that there is no organ involvement yet.. I am all over internet for 3 weeks and going crazy. I live far away from her and don't know what to do.. just praying and praying.. pls some one tell me that is there any hope???...she is in pain and she can not walk right now and they started the radiation therapy right away .. 2 more left of her hip area then they will do it on her chest and head area.... thank you all
    judyfams responded:
    So sorry to hear about your sister.
    Please know that there is a lot of hope and treatments for bone mets - radiation being the main treatment.
    Mets in the bones are more successfully treated and contained than when the cancer is in an organd..
    Obviously having the cancer metastasize is not good, but there is much hope for your sister. She needs to be vigilant about keeping her doctor appointments, eating healthy foods and exercising.
    Hopefully other women will reply to you to help you better understand your sister's diagnosis.
    Good luck,
    Hopenoosh replied to judyfams's response:
    Judy..thank you so much !!!... I felt so much better when read your msg. I really needed someone tell me something like this since I am 2 continets away from my family...I'll be back here to check it more often to hear from nice people like you..
    Love & peace
    mhall6252 responded:
    So sorry to hear about your sister, I am sure this is frightening for your whole family. The fact that she has bone mets and no organ involvement is very encouraging. I take part in another breast cancer discussion board with many thousands of women. I know of many women who have bone mets, are being successfully treated, and live a "normal" life under the circumstances. I hope your sister has the same results as there are many treatments available.

    Read my blog at
    Smile and the world smiles with you!
    jenna291 replied to mhall6252's response:
    I am sorry to hears this about your sister. I know it is really scary.
    I have a good friend being treated for bone mets, and the radiation has been very successful. She has had her share of pain, but things have improved for her and she is doing better.
    I will pray for your sister and hope you will come back with an update soon.

    ~ Jenna
    kiwiallright responded:

    Yes the sad at times is the cancer does travel to our bones. I have gone through BC twice (2001 & 2009), after all of the treatment of the second round, last year we discovered that the cancer had metasatized to my bones and bone marrow, oh I was in awful pain last year, this year has been a lot better. I have not had any radiation to my bones at this time or chemo since 2009. I am taking Femara... My Dr' did tell me that you can live quite a while with Bone mets.
    At this time, I have kept active, I walk at least six days a week, garden, ride a road bike. I can only hope that the radiation will help with the pain and she will be able to walk. As of today it has been a year and half since finding it. Where does your sister live? There are many people on this board who live all over and one of us could be close to her and maybe be of help to you and her.



    Please give us an update.
    Hopenoosh replied to mhall6252's response:
    Michelle.. thank you veryyyy much for your msg. you all are great.. I'm glad that I joned here..
    Love Peace,, Anoosheh
    Hopenoosh replied to jenna291's response:
    DearJenna.. so grateful that i've found you all here and giving me hope. I really appreciate and wish you all the best.. I just keep praying and geting good energy from good people like you

    Love & Peace
    Hopenoosh replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Hi Mary.. thank you so much.. i'm happy that you are doing good and i wish you the best of the best every day . My sister lives in Tehran/Iran... and now I can tell her all these msgs from the wonderful people.. she just keep asking if she can survive this and I tell her yes
    Thank you very much again.. I'll post more happey news hopefully
    Love & peace
    brcansur responded:
    Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your sister but gald to see you are there for her that is great. It is always good to see when someone has a person like you there to support them and help them get through this no matter what. It isn't easy for either of you but like Mary said it is doable and she is proof of that 1 1/2 years later and still doing the things she loves. She and you have to stay positive and strong fight this cancer like nothing you have ever done before.
    Now for what you can do, just be you, be her sister just like you are doing right now. Be there for her when she needs you to talk to or listen when she just needs and ear to listen. Ask questions for her like you are doing on here to help her find out what may be helpful for her. Those are things you can do for her. But most of all let her know you are always there for her that you care and will stand by her no matter what That is all we really want is love and to know we have someone that is ther for us no matter what. I agree with all of these ladies so keep coming back if you have anything to ask or just want to chat. Plus let us know how you are both doing. Sending loads of angel hugs Roberta,
    Hopenoosh replied to brcansur's response:
    Hi Roberta"026 thank you very much for your msg.. it was great to hear from you also. I just talked to my sister but she is not very hopeful. She had a hard time because of the side affect on her digestive system"026the 12 session radiation is done for her hip area and they will start it for her chest and her forehead area in next couple of days. She thinks that her hair won't grow back after the radiation on her head and it bothers her because people stare at you when you don't have hair. I just kept telling her not to worry about but she doesn't listen and I'll do my best and told her that I will ask my new friends and let her know. She is not in a good mood at all. I just keep talking positive with her and pray and pray"026 she keep talking about that she won't be around very long and it just crush me but I told her that nobody has expiration day J
    Just giving her hope and pray.. thank you all for keeping me hopeful .. I'll be here"026
    Love & peace
    rachael67 replied to Hopenoosh's response:
    Anooshen, to watch anyone you love go through dreadful times is hell! To try and help them find a rainbow in the middle of their storm is sometimes futile despite your best efforts!

    You are so caring and loving that I am sure she knows how much you would take away her troubles if you had the power..That alone is in her heart and will sustain her despite all the challenges she faces! Please know that! Even if she does not say it, I AM SAYING IT!!! We who have been there/done that know how important someone caring is!!

    She alone will have to come to the realization that this isn't necessarily a death sentence...And that however many days she (OR ANY OF US!!!) have, though we may not have control of escaping the inevitable, we do have the power of deciding how we will react to what we are given! That is the one thing we can control. I hope for her sake and for yours that she takes advantage of that power!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    Hopenoosh replied to rachael67's response:
    Hi Rachael... thank you so much for your lovely msg... you are special..... giving me more hope.. I told my sister all you wrote.. I really needed to learn the right sentences and transfer them to her... love & peace.. I'll be here....
    brcansur replied to Hopenoosh's response:
    I am sending all my best to you and your sister I know it isn't easy dealing with breast cancer and someone you love having a very hard time with it. But stay strong and positive and keep being there for your sister that is what is most inportant for her right now knowing you care and are there for her.
    Now about the not having hair worry oh we have all been there. I remember that whole thing and then I just decided hair is just that hair nothing more just hair. Cancer took it from me but I still had my life and I was going to live it to the fullest.So when people are looking at you and your bald head just think. Ya cancer got my hair but it didn't get my life or my spirit I am stronger then cancer I am women and I am still here. So what if my hair is gone it is only hair and if that is all these people see then I don't really need them in my life anf move on with a big smile on your face. Oh the smile gets them ever time smile and a little nod of the head love it. See I even started going out with my bald head and nothing covering it I was proud of my head and all that I had been through and that I was still here to talk about it.
    You are so very right we don't have an expiration date on us any place so why act like we do keep living life to the fullest and have fun everyday. Keep smileing and stay strong you are the best sister anyone could ask for angel hugs Roberta,
    goodlook121 responded:

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