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    Dilemma with Dr's!!!
    GGrandmaJan posted:
    Hi All.
    Sorry I haven't been on here much lately. I have been reading and wishing all the best to each of you.

    Dec 10th saw my new Onc.Dr. It was only the 2nd time I had seen this guy as he took over for my wonderful caring Dr that is no longer with this clinic.

    He informed me that: Due to the fact my rare cancer (Angiosacroma) was very tiny and they removed my breast therefore after 18 months, I was cured!!!! UGH. He only wants to do CT and/or PET scans once a year to monitor me. I was LIVID!!! He informed me they didn't know that much about my rare ca and that every Dr had their own protocal on monitoring this. In other words I took this as quit wasting his time and he wasn't about to find out any info on this cancer. This from a Cancer Dr.

    Now I ask you wonderful ladies, Would you have confidence in this Dr???? I don't think so!!! Talk about having to be our own advocate on our journeys. YIKES.

    Made an appt with my PCP and outlined my plan of action. He really laughed and said "I totally agree with you!"

    My plan of action is: See my lung Dr (Dec 14th) ask him if he will monitor my care and order scans on a timely manner. Like every 6 months for 3 yrs is what my research says. His specialty is also Internal medicine. If he will do so----then I am going to by-pass the Onc Dr part of this for the time being. Right now, all I need is to be monitored to see if this crap is going to show it's ugly head anywhere else for the next few years.

    If he can't do this for me---then I also have an appt with the Rad Dr that dx me in April 2011. She told me if I ever needed questions answered or just to talk to please call her. Hense the appt on Jan 7th. She was so nice and I felt she really cared about me.

    The reason I am posting this is so ALL you ladies will be aware that you do NOT have to stick with a Dr you do not have confidence in.

    However, I find myself running out of local Onc Dr's. I don't think I have burned all my bridges but darn close to it. LOL. It seems like all the good caring Dr's are leaving our local area so fast---that Google can't keep up with them. LOL. If need be I WILL travel to Seattle to a Cancer and Research Center. It is about 100 miles away but I AM going to take care of ME!!!!

    I was so livid and angry to think this Dr took up my time just to tell me He didn't know much about this rare cancer. Brother!!!!!

    If any of you have any more ideas on what I should do Please post and let me know.

    I am so thankful I know a little about the medical field and can figure things out for myself. So now I am going for a Fifth and Sixth opinion and will continue until I do run out of Doctors. LOL.

    Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving.
    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! by Me.
    mhall6252 responded:
    Hi Jan,

    I think you're absolutely correct to find a doctor who's willing to monitor you on a regular basis. In the first place, any doctor who claims to have cured breast cancer is full of crap! Hopefully, you'll find one of your current docs willing to take on the follow-up testing. Don't quit until you are satisfied!

    I changed my oncologist when we lived in MO because my first oone was an arrogant jerk. I only regret not doing it sooner. both my hubby and me agreed that he was not right for me.

    Because you have a rare form of BC, a cancer and research center might be happy to have you as a patient. If you can do your follow-ups there, you may be contributing to research that will benefit future angiosarcoma patients.

    I think Dr. McDreamy will probably be willing to do your follow-ups. At least you'll know in a few days!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

    Read my blog at
    Smile and the world smiles with you!
    brcansur responded:
    It is so nice to see you on again but not good that that Jerk of a Doctor is so uncaring still. I agree go to your other Dr's that do care as long as they will and can see and treat you. It is best to be seen by someone that you feel comfortable with plus that cares and is doing all they can for your well being. Not pushing you off and out the door because they don't know about your cancer. That Doctor should be finding out all he can about you and your cancer to help you in any way he can not doing what he is doing that is just so very wrong SHAME ON HIM !!!!
    I agree also that if it comes to you going the 100 miles to a cancer center it may work out for the better for you and others with your form of cancer. Hey you will figure it all out like you always do and everything will be just fine. I feel your Dr MC DREAMY wont mind seeing you and you sure wont mind seeing him Just hang in there my friend things will work out it always does with you doesn't it !?!! Remeber we are all here for you if you need anything and you aren't ranting just letting it all out and letting us know what is going on in your life right now. Sharing is so different from ranting Have a great day just take a few calming breaths and go do some sewing you will feel much better. ANGEL HUGS Roberta,
    rachael67 responded:
    Thanks for sharing a "lesson learned"!! I think this post I found on Facebook demonstrates what happened to you! (Hope it comes thru...Sometimes pictures don;t cooperate with me! )

    Rachael class=post_img />
    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    GGrandmaJan replied to mhall6252's response:
    Thanks Michelle, I didn't think about me contributing to research. A very good point....No I won't quit until I feel satisfied I am getting the best care possible.

    I went to our local breast ca support group last night. I can't believe all the stuff I heard about this supposedly NEW Dr. He also doesn't believe we should be concerned about our Vitamen D levels. And this Dr is suppose to be the head of this clinic both in our local town and the city 40 miles north of us. Geez. you just never know. One lady was asking about this Dr. Iceberg. I almost opened my mouth but my friend was very diplomatic and stated he was very throurgh and scientific. WHAT!!! She stated he wasn't a touchy feeling Dr like our last one was. .

    For once in my life I sat and listened. I did not say a word. The consense was this Dr is not well liked by the group. I was glad to find it wasn't just me.

    Thanks loads for you input. Now even my DH is calling him Dr. Dreamy. YIKES. LOL so funny really.

    Hope you are not getting any snow. Stay safe and warm. good luck for your up-coming appts.

    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! by Me.
    judyfams replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
    You certainly did the right thing - just go to that onc when you have to for his once a year check ups.
    It is imperative that we all get along with, like and respect our medical team as we deal with breats cancer.
    Nobody should have to put up with arrogant, condescending people in any part of our lives - but never when we are dealing with an incurable disease!
    You deserve better and I'm glad you have the courage to find another way to be treated.
    Maybe you should give him a prickly cactus as a Christmas gift!
    GGrandmaJan replied to brcansur's response:
    Again you are right, Roberta. Thanks, I really appreciate your concerns for me.

    I got the date wrong it was Nov 10th on that appt. How time flies. LOL I has taken me a month to calm down enough to post on here.

    Oh--- you all are so funny. I did not mention Dr. Dreamy but called him my lung Dr. and you guys really picked up on that one. I am trying my best to down-play talking about him. LOL. Guess that didn't work. Will have to try harder. LOL.

    Yes, seeing as how he has another specialty of Internal Medicine I might get him to do what I want. (If Only, Ha) We will see. He did want to send me to an gastriogolyist (OH---- heck's a stomach Dr) but put me on Priolisec and Reglan. They really did the trick. Then I remembered all the antibotics I was on all summer. I forgot all about taking my acidophilus.... Once I started back on that my stomach cleared up. YAY.

    Thanks for your vote of confidence in me, Roberta. HA--"I always figure it out"--You are so funny.

    Yep, getting some playing done on my new machine. Slowly but surely I am figuring it out. Sure have been working my little grey cells to the max. But so much fun.

    Don't work to hard baking and cooking. Get some sewing done also. We want pics of the things you have been doing.

    Angel Hugs back at you.
    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! by Me.
    shell1007 responded:
    I just sent you an email about your Dr problems & info about mine- which has their names, etc.
    Hey, it can't hurt to know of other facilities & Doctors !
    Have a great day. Sun is out here but a little chilly....62 or so
    GGrandmaJan replied to rachael67's response:
    Thanks Rachael,

    Love the pic and the quote. Yep, sure do agree with this. Yes, difficult people have taught me to be more patient with them. BUT.........Sometimes it is hard to do.

    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! by Me.
    jenna291 replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
    Rachael - love the quote and the picture too. Why oh why do some people have to be so difficult? That requires a lot more energy than being nice!!!!

    Jan, what a jerk that doctor is. Maybe he has been doing his job too long and it has made him completely uncaring. Good for you for speaking up.

    enjoy your day ladies - only in the 30's in Boston today with snow looming for next week!

    ~ Jenna
    goodlook121 responded:

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