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    Found a new lump
    cindy12345678 posted:
    Hi Ladies! Yes I am still here. The Job takes up alot of my time.
    I found a new lump. My blood work wa good at my last onc appt.
    The onc and the surgeon think that it might be the mesh for my
    implant. I hope they are right. ( the last time I found a lump they
    acted like it wouldn't be a tumor) I am scheduled for an ultra-sound
    and MRI on the 31st. I also hope they don't find anything else.
    I feel good, just the usual fatigue and aches we all get. So just
    a reminder to check yourself even if you had bi-mast or any
    other surg for new lumps. I found it not the Doctor. I also found
    the other tumors I had myself. Both of those tumors presented
    themselves differently also.
    So I am havein a great Holiday anyway! So if you can send
    "pinkie " for me on the 31st I will appreciate it! Can I have the
    cabana boys too?
    jenna291 responded:
    Hi Cindy,

    I always advocate to check ourselves out as my original lump I found, not a mammogram. glad you reacted!

    You can have Pinkie, the cabana boys, drinks and snacks of your choice!
    We will all be there for you ~

    GGrandmaJan replied to jenna291's response:
    Cindy, I hope you had a marvelous Christmas. We had no snow which was predictated. YAY.

    Now as to your lump, I am praying it turns out to be nothing. Two years after I found my lump I found another one but it was sort of below my breast. My surgeon also could feel it. Then he said he was 99% sure it was a fatty tumor. Asked if I could live with it---I said NO-WAY!! He laughed---stated he figured as much. So a bio was scheduled and He WAS right. It was a fatty tumor and turned out to be nothing. Wheww. So I am praying the same to you. Just remember 80% of lumps are B-9.

    Will be on Pinkie for you for the MRI. You know you can have anyone you want to come on board.

    Sending load of prayers.
    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! by Me.
    cindy12345678 responded:
    Thanks Ladies!
    You always make me feel better! I hope it is B-9 or the
    mesh that holds the implant. But it's enough to have to
    get the MRI. I just hope that I'm still in remission, I like
    things the way they are right now. But Ignoring it won't
    make it go away. It's better to get it taken care of.
    We have to have some "Hot" movie stars for cabana boys!
    Any suggestions?
    mhall6252 replied to cindy12345678's response:
    Will be right there with everyone else on the 31st! Sending positive vibes for a B9 result!
    Read my blog at
    Smile and the world smiles with you!
    brcansur replied to cindy12345678's response:
    Now you know I will be there with you on the 31 but our we going to be having fun or behaving??? If we are having fun the I have some glow in the dark make up for the nipple area we can put on so to make sure no one forgets what we are taking pictures of. Do you want white or pink I also have a green one ??? Oh it is for Holloween but we can use it now We can even make cute little bows or ribbons on your bobbies just so we can have some fun before going in for these test. It washes off very nicely so no prolems there.
    Ok did I get a smile or even a laugh out of you ? That is all I wanted trying to get the nerves to calm down for ya is all and have some fun. You know me have to help when I can and I always thing of something to make you laugh. try and have a great day and not worry. Angel hugs Roberta
    jenna291 replied to brcansur's response:
    Roberta, you are cracking me up right now!!!! You have the best sense of humor, and I hope, Cindy, Roberta has you smiling!

    good luck to you on the mri ~
    cindy12345678 replied to brcansur's response:
    You are awsome!! Thanks for making me laugh. I think I
    want the pink ones! I think we should hve fun instead of
    Thanks to all of you ladies for going with me tomorrow.
    Lets get this over with !
    shell1007 responded:
    Did I miss somewhere as to who you are requesting for Cabana Boys ?? I did see that you are going with "fun" instead of "behaving" good choice Count me in !!
    Sending good thoughts & prayers your way. And I will cross my fingers, toes & eyes too.
    See you on Pinkie tomorrow.
    brcansur replied to cindy12345678's response:
    So glad we are having fun now no playing with that make up with the cabana boys. I can see you now putting in places that you shouldn't be going nooo!!! Be nice now !!! We can see you Now see what you did you got the other ladies going now what will I do ? Ok I am handing out the make up ladies have fun About the boys I picked up all the nice looking ones I could find like the ones from Magic Mike and Brad, george, Rob lowe, I like him Love the eyes sorry just do !!!! Oh and that smile since I was a young girl. Ok and any other good looking ones on the way. Have fun ladies turn the black lights on and watch them glow !! Ok I am being a little naughty but hey it is News Years eve some place right !!!!
    Happy New Year and Cindy good luck don't laugh when in for your test now just happy thoughts of all these guys and where the make up is glowing uummm !!!
    Angel hugs Roberta,
    GGrandmaJan replied to brcansur's response:
    Roberta, you are so Naughty!!! Paint the cabana boys with glow in dark make-up. WOW.

    Cindy, I hope you can be real still and not get the giggles when in that tube. Think Happy Thoughts. Do NOT think of all Roberta has said or they will have to re-do that test.

    Holding hands and sending Happy Thoughts.
    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! quoted by Me.
    brcansur replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
    OOOPPPS!! Ok I was just trying to keep Cindy from worrying to much and put a smile on her face or make her laugh. I think it worked for everyone so I would say that is a good thing and that a little naughty is good sometimes Hey I can't be good all the time !!! I have been behaving a lot lately for way to long So it just kinda sliped out I guess !? Ok You don't buy that one oh well at least we all had a good laugh and some fun on New Years Eve and most of all Cindy got a laugh out of it. Oh and I really do have that make up !!!
    Have a great day angel hugs Roberta
    goodlook121 responded:

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