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    Second mammo and ultrasound
    Shysti71 posted:
    I just had a mammogram and ultrasound. My report says: The breast parenchyma reveals evidence of involution with predominant adipose tissue and linear densities. there is nodularity in the lower mid left breast, presistent on MLO and CC projection. This may represent varying parenchymal pattern.

    CAD did not reveal any suspicious findings.

    IMPRESSION: Nodularity, left breast

    Breast Ultrasound: Normal architecture of the breast tissue is evident withour disruption of Cooper's ligaments. there is no homographic evidence of a discrete cystic or sold lesion in either breast.

    Impression: 1) unremarkable breast ultrasound 2) Left breast modularity correspond to ultrasound findings. Recommend further evaluation with breast mri with contrast.

    Birad 0

    I am confused as to why they want a MRI when the ultrasound seems clear. Why not do a biopsy if there is something there? I this normal or should I be concerned. Also MRI's are expensive and it is the end of the year, should I wait a couple of weeks since I have to pay my deductable. Or does it seem to show something I need to have checked sooner then later.

    My doctor called the director of radiology and he said MRI is necessary
    judyfams responded:
    The MRI with contrast is very important to determine what the nodules really are, fat, cysts, normal aging changes, cancer, or benign tumor or something else.
    The ultrasound just shows a solid group of cells, an MRI with contrast will further show what that group of cells could be so it is more definitive than an ultrasound and less invasive and less painful than a biopsy.
    The encouraging part of tht report is the Birad of zero which is the lowest birad category (they go from 0-5) and usually indicates that there is no cance suspected.
    It sounds like the doctors are being careful and thorough by requesting an MRI with contrast.
    To answer your question, it doesn't sound like you have to get the MRI done immedicately -you can probably wait until the new year.
    Please come back and let us know how your MRI turns out.
    Shysti71 replied to judyfams's response:
    From what the report says: Birad 0 needs further evaluation. They won't give me a true birad till they know more what it is.

    So does it sound like they for sure found a nodule?

    The ultrasound tech said that my breast was perfect for seeing thing. She said it was like looking threw a window.
    cindy12345678 responded:
    It is better to get it checked out for sure.You have a good
    Doc. To catch anything early is the best thing. They
    probably want this so they can compare things the next
    time you have a mammo.
    Let us know how it comes out.
    Shysti71 replied to cindy12345678's response:
    All of this is crazy. My first mammo found a nodule in left breast. They actually had a measurment. The had us and they said to come back for annual screening. Now I still have something same breast but no measurement and they are calling it nodularity. Had the us and spot compression. And then now going to have an mri. They have my last mammo and us to compair. I'm just wondering if I am always going to be told to have mammo, us and mri for my screenings. Or if they just really see something.
    judyfams replied to Shysti71's response:
    They are probably doing the MRI to get some more definitive answers as to what is going on in the breast.
    Hopefully the MRI will give you some answers as to what it is and what treatment plans they will recommend.
    Good luck,
    Shysti71 replied to judyfams's response:
    Thank you. The waiting is the hardest. I can't feel anything so I am hoping that is a good thing. Has anyone else had to do this. I would love to hear your experience and the outcome.
    Shysti71 responded:
    Just had my MRI done yesturday. I got the CD ( i get these for my own records ) of the test but its like looking at a picture of the moon. There were a lot of red and yellow colors on it. I don't know if that really means anything or not. Now the waiting game again till next week.
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