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    Mass in Breast- The Process
    MeanMickey posted:
    I was experiencing some pain in my breasts and, after a little delay, I finally made an appointment to get myself checked out. I went to my GP who sent me for a mammo at the end of Dec. The mammo came back clear. However, I was still having pain in my breasts and discovered a mass in the left. It is a thin elongated mass, feels hard to me, and also doesn't feel mobile to me although no doctor has told me that in fact. I saw the GYN on Mon, who also felt the mass in the breast. It is at 1:00, so near the armpit.

    I was sent for an u/s today. The radiologist said that it did not look concerning. He said it appears to be a lymph node and, the way it lights up on the sonogram, it does not appear unhealthy (low concern is what he said). He said the ones that are troubling to them show up dark.

    My GYN had already scheduled an appointment for me with a breast surgeon. I also went today. He gave me a breast exam and told me it could be a lymph node but there is no way of knowing definitively about the identity and safety of the mass without a biopsy. He recommends a lumpectomy, which I have agreed to. I want the thing out.

    This is the thing....they don't have an opening until Jan 31, so about 2 weeks. I am in agony with worry. I try to keep my mind in a healthy place, but I have an 8 year old and a 6 year old and my mind of course races with the what-ifs. Is this too long to wait? Is it normal to wait this long for a biopsy?

    The other thing that is sending me off the deep end is that the surgeon noticed my left nipple is inverted. He asked me about it, of course. This is not something that's new. I had the flattest of the flat nipples prior to having my first son. Through breastfeeding, they eventually came out, but one has always been shyer than the other. I know this isn't a new thing and one of them has always retracted, but my mind is now telling me that maybe my memory is wrong or this is new and I have inflammatory breast cancer. UGH.

    How do I control these anxieties, and does anyone know how the inflammatory cancer is diagnosed? Now, I feel like I should be pursuing this as a possibility as well.
    brcansur responded:
    I would start by saying if everyone is telling you that it shows as something not to really worry about but to check just to make sure. I would do just that try not to worry your self crazy and add more worry when not needed. I know it is so hard to do at this time much easier said then done I have been there done that to many times. But why add worry where it is not needed and think of those little ones that can tell mommy is tense over something they pick up on these things even though we want to think they don't.
    Ok I would also like to say if you remember that your nipples where inverted before all of this then they most likely were and this is not something new so give that worry away let it go !! One less thing to worry about RIGHT !!! No need to add any worry if we can help it !! We women and mothers know we have enough to deal with everyday just being us we don't need anything new to deal with. So just take some nice deep calming breaths and take each day as it comes this will turn out just fine and remember we are here for you 24/7 for chating just a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. Oh and we do laugh some also so come back often and let us know how you are doing because we care about those that come and visit with us. Try and find some fun things to do to keep your mind busy during your waiting time maybe things with the family. Watch movies bake cookies make a meal together go shopping what ever makes you happy and keeps your mind off of all this stuff. Remeber to laugh and enjoy life that is all that matter for you and your children. I am sending all the best wishes and loads of angel hugs your way have a great day good luck Roberta,
    judyfams replied to brcansur's response:
    I agree with everything Roberta has told you.
    I had a biopsy on my breast mass that came back positive for brrast cancer and it was a month later before I had the lumpectomy - and that was not a problem. I had stage 1 IDC. So waiting 3 weeks for your lumpectomy which is also known as an excisional biopsy - because it is removing the entire mass - should not be a problem.
    Good luck to you and please let us know how you the surgery goes.
    MeanMickey replied to judyfams's response:
    You are right, Roberta and Judy. I am trying to take your words to heart, although the human mind is something, isn't it?

    And, you're right, Judy. I should have called this a biopsy- insensitive of me, I am sorry. I am surprised to learn that it takes that long to get a surgery scheduled after a cancer diagnosis. I guess I can't balk at 2 weeks, then. I am just anxious for this to be over and to move on with whatever the answer is....

    I'll be back to report my news, and thanks for taking the time to respond.
    brcansur replied to MeanMickey's response:
    I don't like the mean part lol. try to lighten up on your self a little ok you are doing just fine and will do just fine it is nerves getting the better of you. You were not and are not being insensitive by not calling it a biopsy ok we know and knew what you meant and we are fine by what and how you worded your post. I know I have posted things on here and still do that come out so messed up but everyone knows what I meant so just feel free to post and don't worry so much about how it is just be you ok It gets better with time or at least I try and hope it does because my wording and spelling has gotten so bad since chemo I have to go back and check and recheck it gets so bad sometimes I just say to heck with it this is just going to have to do and post it.
    So just come on have fun and chat with us and ask away any questions you may have and don't think about how it is worded we will understand and if not we will ask you ok what it is you are trying to get at. it is that easy. Oh and we don't bit either Please have a better day today on all of us just one smile a day makes the day feel so much better so smile at one person and it goes a long way. Look at your children and smile I bet ya they will smile back ! See now don't you all feel better now ! Good ! That is how everyday should feel for all of us have a great day angel hugs and may everyday be a happy day for you and your family Roberta,
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