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    Laugh for the Day---Brownies!!
    GGrandmaJan posted:
    O.K. Roberta and Jenna,
    Let me tell you about my Brownie experience!!! I am starting a new thread as your posts about brownies was all mixed up in other posts.

    Super Bowl Sunday I was telling my DH he should have picked up some snacks to watch the game with. I had not been doing much grocery shopping for the last couple of weeks as I was toooo dang busy. He told me I should run downtown---Yeah, Right!!! It is 10 miles to the nearest grocery store and it was only 30 minutes to kick-off. Didn't think so!!!!

    Went into my pantry and found a Brownie Mix. So being a dutiful wife I took pity on his Sweet tooth. I had the water and oil mixed up--reached into the refrig to grab an egg. AHA---NO eggs. I figured what the heck's---what could one lousy egg do to a receipe. Stirred the brownies up and baked them anyway. Well, let me tell you----the edges of those brownies around the pan were harder than the dog biscuits we use for treats for our dogs. The middle looked like chocolate syrup you would put on ice cream. DH suffered thru the middle ones. They were Horrible!!!!

    I guess one lonely egg has a lot to do with how they turn out. I was laughing so hard. Told DH I did not promise him a good cook when we got married. Now I can't even bake brownies from a Mix, for goodness sake. Seeing as how Pot is legal in our State---Perhaps I should have added that to my brownies. LOL LOL LOL.

    Hope you all are staying safe and warm. Jenna, thank goodness, you have power. So many in Mass do not.

    Hugs all
    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! quoted by Me.
    brcansur responded:
    LOL that is so very funny a good laugh for this am, I know you don't like to cook but that one tops them all lol. Ok the egg does a lot when baking it holds things together, helps thing rise, and also as you can see from your brownies it keeps things moist and helps them cook even lol. I could go on with what the help do in the baking of all different thing but I am laughing to hard and my eyes are watering to much can't see the keys lol. Ok I am better so did you ask Dh do you want a biscuit or some syrup or a little of both give a biscuit with the syrup over it
    Ok I have to admit I have had my bad days with baking also I did a big one not to long ago read the measurements wrong and added 2 tablespoons of baking powder not 2 teaspoons not good that went right into the trash it was so bad that is all you could taste. Oh I was so upset with myself I have never done anything like that before. But hey everyone haves a bad day and I just made something else later and made sure to read and reread to make sure I was putting the right amount in of everything.
    Oh and on other time I was making something and someone put the garlic in the spot I have my cinn in my spice rack and you guessed it I put garlice in when it should have been cinn. Oh was I mad and you try and get garlic out of flour not happening. that was when I was baking for a friends resturant and had to bring the stuff to her that day not good. But I just made a new batch and told everyone stay away from my spices from now on or learn to put them back where they get them from. Well that is my bad cooking days hope I gave you a few good laughs not funny then but later I laughed a good laugh on what happened. Have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    GGrandmaJan replied to brcansur's response:
    Thanks Roberta, Glad I could make you laugh!!!

    I have been so busy going thru boxes and stuff I decided to stay out of the kitchen for awhile. LOL.

    DH goes down for coffee every late afternoon at a restruant so I just told him if he doesn't like my cooking then EAT when he is down there. LOL That didn't go over too well.

    Actually I have been cleaning out my sewing room----Well, should I say re-orgainizing it. My daughter wants any and all fabric I want to get rid of as their church ladies have started a quilting group. They are making small quilts for crisis kids. Boy, I just found 2 big boxes of crib panels to be finished. AHA---I will never get them done in my life-time so she is getting all the panels. I did keep a couple of really cute ones I will make up for baby gifts.

    For some reason my baby quilts do not sell down at the shop. So Weird as they are really cute. So decided for them and Me to part company. LOL.

    Hope you didn't get much snow. We are having Spring weather as in the low 50's and sunny. Want to get my garden going. LOL LOL
    He who laughs at himself--never runs out of things to laugh at!! quoted by Me.
    kiwiallright replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
    Jan & Roberta

    Thank you for the laugh.. Glad that you are both well.

    Just have to love those brownie mixes from a box...
    jenna291 replied to kiwiallright's response:
    That is the most hysterical thing I have heard in a long time!!! Wow, I underestimate the power of an egg!!! Can't believe DH ate the middle ones anyway - too funny.

    You are so lucky to have nice weather. It is a whopping 20 here. Sunny today but expecting sleet tomorrow. The roads are horrible, we had about 30 inches in my town!!! Yuck, I want spring! First chance I get I am buying a nice bunch of colorful flowers for my kitchen table.

    cheers and happy browning making!
    brcansur replied to GGrandmaJan's response:
    Sure rub it in spring weather I only wish it was like that here NOO !!! I woke up to everything covered in ice this am but I am staying in and sewing today any way so no big deal. That is nice of you to give the fabric to your daughter for a good cause and to go to babies and children what better place then that. I am very surprised that your baby quilts don't go well that is odd. I love to make baby quilts as gifts for showers for good friends and family. It is something not many people make any more or give as a gift. Well enjoy that spring weather and I don't think it is time to start the garden yet
    Have a great day angel hugs Roberta
    kiwiallright replied to brcansur's response:

    Even though it is 20 degrees outside, sun is shining, the ground is covered with plenty of white stuff, I have, well kinda have, started things for my garden beds. First off I kept a lot of geraniums from last year and they need looking after and last week I began starting my seeds. If there was sun in my little garden work shop I would be in heaven, but alas, hubby does not want to cut into the side of the house. One flat with impatiens has already emerged, started more yesterday and will get more started today... So we can do all sorts to begin our gardening...
    Have a nice day and sorry for those who got lots of snow, as I am in the desert I love it as it means I can water my plants all summer long......
    brcansur replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Wow, you have started your seeds already !!! You are way ahead of the game and me I don't start mine till march sometimes april because it is so cold here I don't want them to die in my basement. I have tried starting them sonner way to cold and they don't make it no matter what I do with heat for them. Last year I didn't because way to much going on with the little one coming early and all. But hopeing to get a lot of veggies and flowers going this year. Want to teach him how to grow his own food some day much better for you that way.
    Glad to hear you are haveing fun with your seeds and getting into the dirt already I wish I could get into my garden spring needs to get here soon have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    goodlook121 responded:

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