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    breast cancer
    An_251062 posted:
    m 47 yrs unmarried lady and just had detected breast cancer. there was a lump which had been removed and now anxilla clearence is also done. very soon chemo with radiation will be there. i m very afraid about it. as i have heard that radiation and chemo are very painful.
    judyfams responded:
    I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. But remember that the range of reaction/pain to chemo and radiation runs the gamut from very little to the unbearable, and most people who have found them to be awful ARE the ones who post on these websites.
    Everybody reacts differently to these treatments so there is no definite way to predict what your reaction will be. I was 67 and had no problem with chemo - 6 rounds of cytoxan/taxotere. I think that was due to my diet. I ate every 2 hours and only ate lean protein, fruits, veggies, soups, shakes, yogurt etc. I did not eat any processed, fast or fried foods. Even if you feel nauseous, eat something - you should keep food in your stomach even if it is only 1 tablespoon of peanut butter! And the most important thing of all is to drink gallons of water to flush the chemo out of your body!
    For the radiation, I did get very red after about 25 rounds, and the dr. stopped it for 3 days. My skin did not break open, and I found it uncomfortable, but did put cold compresses over the shirt I was wearing with no bra on - for 20 minutes every hour. That worked for me. But if you go to the Tips section you will find other good ideas from other ladies on this website.
    Don't go into this with a negative attitude and that will also help you deal with it.
    Good luck and please let us know how you are doing as you go through the rest of your treatment.
    cindy12345678 responded:
    I am sorry to hear that you have this dx. I had two different
    kinds of B-cancer bi-lteral at the same time, So I had a
    long chemo. I really didn't have any pain from chemo.
    If you do have pain or any other side effect. I think the key
    is to communicate with your Doc or nurse. They have a
    remedy for most things. II was terrified of chemo. I was
    more afraid than I needed to be. It sucks, but its not forever.
    I haven't had radiation. So I can't say about that.
    Please let us know how you are doing. Tha ladies here
    have alot of knowledge. They helped me alot.
    brcansur responded:
    Hello, I am sorry you have been dx and have to go through all this I will not lie and say it is easy because it isn't but it is doable and we all got through it and so will you. I agree with the other ladies You need to eat small meals every few hours and drink plenty of fluids. I also did this and it helped me a lot even when my tummy was upset haveing something in it at all times kept me from getting sick. I will say I did have some aches and pains but that wasn't from chemo it was from the shot I got a few days later to help build up the blood cells and keep me from getting sick. That made me achy and feel like crap mosr then chemo did. I didn't have rads so I don't know much about that only what I hear from others at the groups I go to and on here. But I have heard the worst things are the red skin that feel like a bad sun burn at times and getting worn out feeling tired most of the time is all they say about rads. I wish you the best and sending all good vibes and loads of angel hugs Roberta, Please come back and let us know how you are doing and what is going on from time to time we do care and like to know what happens with the ladies that have come by to chat.
    girija replied to judyfams's response:
    thanks dear
    thanks for ur share. though i m told by so many that it creats lots and lots of complications in our body. can u tell me after chemo and radiation how much time it took to be normal
    thanks for ur wishes
    girija replied to brcansur's response:
    thanks roberta
    i just want also to know how should be my diet during chemo and what supportive medicines should i take. i know it will be doctor who will prescribe but how and what u had
    brcansur replied to girija's response:
    Hello girija, I went by what I could eat that didn't make me sick mostly peanut butter on raisin toast, crackers, milkshakes, flat gingerale warm, mashed potatoes, then a few weeks in I could eat chicken, sometimes fish others not so much, Mostly starchy foods and fruits and veggies I ate a lot of like bananas grapes frozen loved them lol. apples, oranges, berries, spinach, broc, eggplant, squash, beans, salads, I ate a lot of home made soups, veggies chilli, I just had to make it on a good day because the smell of food made me feel really sick then I would freeze it for during my treatment week. I did it once every 21 days. So I was not so good for about 7 days then would feel better for a while so would get my cooking and stuuf done before the next one. I also couldn't drink water it made me gag so bad so I drank green tea and like I said milk shakes for a while then anything with dairy got no so nice tasting for me so I drank gingerale and some juice then it got to sweet so it was mostly green tea different flavors of herbal teas. You just keep trying things till you find what works for you but try to have something in your stomach at all times to keep from getting sick and drink so you don't get dehydrated. I am sure you will do just fine I snacked about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours always had crackers near me just incase I needed something and a drink next to me at all times to sip at all day and night when I woke. I hope this helps you out feel free to ask me anything any time come back often that is what we are here for good luck and take care. Angel hugs Roberta,
    Ahimsa12 responded:
    I did not have chemo, and had only partial breast radiation, so that was not too bad. I think the main thing I can tell you that may help is that radiation does not hurt when you are getting it. You don't feel anything. I hope that knowing that helps a little. I used Calendula cream, which was very good, but my radiation team told me that Aveeno or any other cream or lotion is also good. I bought a sports bra that was not tight around the rib cage, and did not have separate cups.
    I was told to have some protein with every meal, but since my cancer was estrogen-positive, I was told to stay away from soy protein. Soy lecithin is OK.
    I know it seems impossible, but try anyway: think positive thoughts. Keep music nearby.
    girija replied to brcansur's response:
    thanks for ur share and i think it will be very useful for me and i will try to take diet accordingly.
    yesterday i had been to doctor and as per the advise i will be given first chemo on 8th april and as per the doctor it will be very mild dose and for my chemo i will be admitted for 3 hours only. i will be given 6 cycles and after that will be given radiation
    thanks again for sharing ur valuable experience
    brcansur replied to girija's response:
    Hello, hope you are doing well and that you had a good easter weekend. Just remember small meals and drink plus rest when you feel you need to that is also very important. Your body will let you know when you need to rest oh believe me it will Listen to your body it tells you a lot we just tend to not listen and keep going. Wishing you well and sending angel hugs Roberta,
    jenna291 replied to brcansur's response:
    Hi girija, I too did better with a lot of small meals. Remember to stay hydrated as that is so important. I ate a lot of melons, especially watermelon was easily tolerated. I ate a lot of raisin toast like Roberta with peanut butter, chicken soup, spinach pasta, green tea. Whatever tastes good to you, as long as you are eating!

    I was sure to rest a lot and make sure to stay away from anyone with a cold or flu since your immune system is compromised during this time.

    Radiation was not too bad - I had 36 treatments and my skin did not crack. I used creams and lotions, and also remembered to stay hydrated. I was back to work so a bit tired by the end of the day, but I would make myself rest. YOU are the most important person right now, remember to take care of yourself and let others do for you whenever possible.

    Hope to see you back here as your treatments get underway.

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