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    Thermography, a new screening test for breast cancer?
    smillsbc posted:
    Hi all, I'm a newbie to this site and recently had a yearly mammagram which came back abnormal. I had additional views with a ultrasound which also came back abnormal. The first radiologist said everything was good but the second radiologist said it looked suspicious and scheduled me to have a biopsy. I have delayed the biopsy because of a fear that the biopsy could cause the cancer to spread if indeed I have breast cancer. I recently read about a new noninvasive test called thermography which can spot breast cancer and other cancers before they can be seen on a mammogram or other test. I have decided to have this test first since is only $250 and noninvasive. If it comes back positive for a problem, I will talk to my doctor about the results and take it from there. Has anyone else heard of this?
    burberrydebbie responded:
    Please, please, please get a biopsy and do not depend on Thermography. After what I considered extensive research I selected to try thermography about 4 years ago and it almost ruined my life. Yes, Thermography is noninvasive, it's very comfortable and if it worked I would take it over a mammogram or biopsy anyday, but you have to stand in a cool room naked while someone takes picture of you. It's just embarrasing. Please consult with your Dr. before considering Thermography - what will he/she do with if you get bad results - that is what my Dr. asked me. And biopsies really are not that bad (thank you vicodin and lidicain) and they are really the only way of knowing if you have cancer . Also, Ask when your results will be ready (I have yet to receive the results of my $500 body scan). And, who will interpret the results (and will they sell you expensive powders and supplements to increase breast health?).
    smillsbc replied to burberrydebbie's response:
    Thank you, Debbie for replying to my post. You were the only one! Yes, I am going to have a biopsy, an "excisional"one. I just didn't want them cutting into cancer, that's all. My doctor and the insurance company are abiding by my wishes and allowing me to have the choice. One surgery, one diagnosis. I simply told them that I wanted it out even if it was benign. Still planning on keeping my Thermography appointment, though. I will post the outcome of both procedures soon. Thank you for caring, debbie.
    vajanie replied to smillsbc's response:

    Sorry I didn't see your post sooner, have had a busy week of appointments, three hours away from my home. I'm so glad you're keeping the biopsy appointment, I believe in anyone's right to alternatives to traditional methods, my best friend has chosen this route to her bc. My own cancer came on so fast, stage 3 and very aggressive. I'm going the traditional route all the way, at Duke Cancer Center. I have never been sorry, although it is tough at times.I would have been frightened to choose anything but this course of treatment.

    I'm hoping for the best for you and will check back to see how the biopsy went. I've had several and didn't find them awful at all, hope yours goes well.

    smillsbc replied to vajanie's response:
    Thank you, Janie! I always meant to get a diagnosis, just not the invasive needle biopsy offered. I did some research and some oncologists are recommending a excisional rather than needle biopsy. Thanks to the both of you for taking the time to care!
    vajanie replied to smillsbc's response:
    We do definitely care, and will check in to see how you're doing. I've also read about the excisional biopsy. In my case the cancer was growing very close to the chest wall and the needle biopsy was the best choice. I've had the traditional and the MRI guided biopsy. For the MRI I had eight observers in the room, this beside the two technicians.They were testing some new equipment that their company had developed to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient. I agreed with the stipulation that every one of them introduce themselves to me, and see me as a human being instead of a guinea pig. This is important to me, especially when you're in a rather undignified position and a bunch of strangers are watching and discussing you.
    Anyway, I wish you the best and hope you'll keep coming back to give updates.
    Best of luck,
    smillsbc replied to vajanie's response:
    Janie, so sorry you had to go through that! As soon as I get reults, I'll let you all know! I'm so happy that I found this community!
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