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    March 31 was my 5 year march yaaa!!!! Roberta
    brcansur posted:
    I am past the 5 year mark by 3 days lol. I am doing the happy happy dance it feels so good to say I am 5 years out from the time of my mast five years and 1 1/2 months since dx. I know I am crazy but I remember every date of everything the time and day I found the lump the day I had the mammo the us the biop the results surgeries everything and I celebrate my dx and surgery and it feels so good. Plus it gives me a reason to get a good dinner and some goodies I do this each year and the dinners get better each year also hey they have to because living gets better with age too. Just like a good wine it gets better with age right lol. I was told by my breast care doctor at my 5 year appt that being triple neg and hitting 5 years is great news and each year after that my chances of it coming back are very slim. I did not know this that being triple neg your less likely to get cancer again after 5 years then it get less and less as the years go by. This made me feel so much better and all my test results are great so all is good so celebrated real big this year plus my birthday was this month hit the big 50 so made it count It was a very happy month for me and year for that matter. Now I am going to keep it that way by staying strong healthy and postive as always. have a great day ladies and stay strong healthy and postive your self and smile because one smile goes a long way angel hugs Roberta,
    kiwiallright responded:
    HI Roberta,
    Congratulations - - - - and Happy Birthday - sorry that it is late..... I am happy that all is well and all your results are going in the right direction...... You Deserve it.

    Take care and keep on moving forward......


    1214bjy replied to kiwiallright's response:
    Congrats Roberta!!!

    You are a true inspiration and rock on!

    Wishing you many more healthy and happy years....

    jenna291 replied to 1214bjy's response:
    Roberta, that is truly wonderful news!!!! I think its time to bring out the cabana boys for you (they seem to be hiding lately-lol) and celebrate big!
    I am dancing right along with you. Your attitude and sense of humor are truly an inspiration!
    love, hugs, flowers, chocolates, George Clooney, and anything else you want ~
    mark918 replied to jenna291's response:
    Way top go Roberta!!!!!!
    cindy12345678 responded:
    All I can say is Yea!!!!!. I'm so happy for you! You desreve
    all the best!!!
    brcansur replied to jenna291's response:
    Thank you but you should never say anything else I want !!! That leaves it way to opened ended for me you could get into a lot of trouble with that one !!! Lets see what do I want uummm I will have to get back to you on that one because the list is going to be long and naughty !!! SO GET READY oh but we can start with choc strawberries and some of those nice hot looking boys no tops nice abs and lots of opps can't say that on here
    Hey I turned 50 and hit my 5 year mark I did curl up and rot away lol. I just got better with age like a tall glass of wine
    See you shouldn't have started and said what ever else I wanted it is all your fault.
    brcansur replied to mark918's response:
    Mark ,
    Thank you so much I have been having so much fun with everyone celebrating and still having surprise party's with friends popping up so much fun. Never get tired of it and spending time with all of them.
    Have a great day and tell BW hello angel hugs Roberta,
    brcansur replied to cindy12345678's response:
    Thank you I am still celebrating and having the time of my life 50 is great so far and 5 years out even better now to stay healthy and keep moving forward. have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    jenna291 replied to brcansur's response:
    HI Roberta, well now you DESERVE to have anything you want! 5 years and 50 are both amazing milestones. All the hottie guys you want - lol lol. Dark chocolate covered strawberries sound darn good to, plus pineapple in chocolate and green apples in chocolate. Healthy and fun at the same time!

    I am dancing to Maroon 5 (I love Adam Levigne) and toasting you!

    It is beautiful in Boston today and the daffodils are blooming. I think winter if finally over!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    shell1007 responded:
    Congrats on both your "5 year" & "50".!! How exciting
    You are not crazy for remembering every date, I do the same, therefore I would be looney also... Imagine that
    I am joining in on doing the Happy Dance for you & am looking forward to the Chocolate Fest & other "treats" that go along with your celebration....Wink, wink.
    Have a great day & celebrate all month long !!
    Take care,

    vajanie replied to shell1007's response:
    Roberta, I am late in wishing you happy 50 and 5. What a great time to celebrate. I just wish I could party with you, it sounds like such fun. If anyone deserves good news it's you, I've told you before what an inspiration and a help you've been to me, and I'm thrilled for you to have such great news to celebrate. I'll definitely drink a toast to you.

    Jenna, I dance in my kitchen too. I'm 68 on the outside (about 34 on the inside), so I wait until no one is around. I know Maroon 5 and also like Adam, but at my age it's usually the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, etc. I heard on some program the other day that dancing in your kitchen is some of the best stress relief and exercise. I have stress fractures in both feet that don't want to heal because of chemo, so my husband got me a huge anti-fatigue mat for the entire area where I prepare meals and I can still dance on that.

    Roberta, I truly wish we could all be there to party with you,drink a little wine, eat those strawberries, dance with the cabana boys, act up and get unruly. I'd love it. Best to you,

    brcansur replied to shell1007's response:
    Thank you and also for saying I am not looney Hey we have to have some fun right and as we get older isn't even more fun lol. I just thought now that we are older we can blame everything on age Oh and chemo wow we have it made we have a lot we can blame stuff on now isn't that a hoot !!!!
    Oh now I am getting all this AARP junk I am not that old lol.
    I am just aged enough to be really good like an old glass of good wine But not enough to get AARP lol. NO NO NO !!
    Ok I am but I am not going to get it because then everyone will see that I am %0 and I really don't look it or act it so why let anyone else know I am lol.
    Hey you can come and party with me any time celebrate and have all kinds of fun I really don't drink but if you do that is ok I will still have a blast maybe a glass of red wine will do me good.
    Well it is still a celebrateing month even though everything was last month everyone is still celebrateing with me this month Maybe it will last all year for all I know
    Have to get going need to do somethings around the house before doctors appt then some shopping for me again yaa!!
    Have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    brcansur replied to vajanie's response:
    Thank you and you could come dance in my kitchen any time I always get told I make enough food to feed an army anyway so we could eat too
    I also have those mats in my kitchen they do help on my low back and hips. I also have a lot of bone and jiont issues and need them to be able to still enjoy cooking and bakeing.
    Dance away maybe we are all dancing at the same time in our kitchens wouldn't that be funny. I too love fleetwood mac, eagles and the rollingstones boy we are ageing ourselfs. But they are music I remember hearing and listening to when I was a teenager and after I got married.
    We could all act up and do anything we want here no hubby to say anything lol. just little ol me so crazy it would be
    Well have to run have a great day angel hugs Roberta,
    goodlook121 responded:

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