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    Chemo and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
    jlamb26 posted:
    I posted a few weeks ago that I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt (a form of shingles) that caused significant nerve damage to my ear and facial region. I lost all hearing in one ear and have Bells Palsy and severe vertigo and tinnitus. I'm recovering VERY slowly. This diagnosis came between rounds 2 and 3 of chemo. It was just decided yesterday (after two tumor board meetings at my hospital) that I will not be able to complete my chemo treatments since it would further damage my affected nerves and do a lot of harm. My Ocologist said that by the time I am well enough to receive chemo it will be ineffective. I will start radiation treatments and herceptin next week. Since this is my 2nd go 'round with breast cancer, I'm terrified that radiation alone will not be enough to keep it from returning. I had a very agressive cancer - 9 out of 9 on the Nottingam scale. Fortunately, no node involvement this time. My tumor was between 2-3 cm, E&P negative-Her2 Positive. My Oncologist said that this would not be his choice of a treatment plan but his hands are tied. I'm youngish with two small children and want to do everything in my power to keep this cancer at bay. Anyone ever had to stop treatments because of other health issues? Any thoughts or suggestions?

    cindy12345678 responded:
    I never had to stop chemo, but I was dx with 2 different
    kinds of cancer at the same time. I did chemo before
    surg. I was st3 on one and they werent really sure I wasn't
    st4.Why put me through the rough surg if I was st 4.
    But I wasn't and I had the bi-mast.And I have 2 yrs now.
    I know this is your second round. One of my cancers was
    her-2. So I had 12 weekly of herceptin and taxol, then
    a 2wk break then A/C for x4 at 10 day intervals.
    Herceptin can also cause some nerve damage. But the
    drug can really work . It can keep certain cancers in
    remission a long time. I would go with treatment for now,
    And when you improve with the shingles , re-evaluate
    the situation.I would never give up. The weird thing is
    about a year before dx I had a a very mild case of
    shingles and it was on my face. It looked like small chicken
    pox and I never got the rash but it headed for my eye.
    They gave me valtrex and it stopped it. I also had annother
    year of herceptin at every 3 weeks. I have some nerve
    damage in my legs and feet. But not enough to bother my
    daily life. So just keep on keepin on! Let me know how
    things are going.
    Hugs and strength,
    brcansur responded:
    Hello again I am so sorry to hear all that you are having to go through. But keep up the great job of staying strong and moving forward that is all we can do and we get through it some how some way because we women are stronger then we make on lol.
    Now about the stopping chemo I never had to but I do still talk to a women I met on here and she had to stop due to issue from the chemo and then she started back up I want to say about 6 to 7 months later. She is doing really good been about 2 years now since then. So please don't give up just keep trying everything you can and keep your chin up. I know it is very hard sometimes and some days don't look so good but you can do it. We are always here for you when ever you need to chat,vent or cry or even just need a good laugh we do that too
    I have had some issues my self and may surgeries because of them since my dx and reconstruction. But I just kept my chin up and got through them and now I am doing A OK ! and I just past 5 years on March 31 so it does get better just takes some time sometimes lol. and it was a little up hill battles but then it became a smooth road after that. Or should I say a better ride not so many bumps now that is a better way to put it lol. I wish you all the best and please do come back to let us know how you are doing and what happyens with your treatments. Take care and stay strong angel hugs Roberta,
    goodlook121 responded:

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