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    Breast Cancer moved to stomach
    ruthiessister posted:
    I'm looking for help for my sister whose breast cancer has moved to her stomach, abdomen walls and possibly now into her intestines. I'm trying to find out if anyone else has dealt with this type of breast cancer and what their course of treatment was. I'm also hoping to have the name a doctor whose treated patients with these symptoms so that we could consult with them.

    We would appreciate any information that would steer us in the right direction.

    brcansur responded:
    Hello, I didn't want you to feel no one was talking to you or reading your post so I am replying. I do not know any one at this time with your sisters condition. But please do not give up someone on her may have the same issues or heard of them so please keep comeing back and checking. I will keep you and your sister in my heart and prayers wishing you and your family all the best. Please no matter what don't ever give up looking for answers or help or on your sister. I wish everyone had a sister like you one that cares enough to look for answers and find out more about the cancer. Your a very kind, caring and loving person please stay strong and know that you are specail. Have a good day angel hugs Roberta,
    ruthiessister replied to brcansur's response:
    Thanks for your kind words and prayers. And I will keep trying!
    vajanie replied to ruthiessister's response:

    I'm afraid I can't be of much help either as I don't know of anyone with this specific condition. I wonder if your sister is seeing someone at a major medical center. If at all possible I'd be looking into that. Some of the oncologists have very specific specialties, and may be able to be of help to your sister.

    I'll echo Roberta in saying that you are a loving and caring sister to be helping her through this. Not everyone has this kind of support and bless you for it. Please let us know how your sister is doing.

    ruthiessister replied to vajanie's response:
    Thanks for responding. Her doctor is affiliated with M.D. Anderson, but they have yet to find a chemo that works. She is a trooper and has continued working through all this! Thanks for your support.
    jenna291 replied to ruthiessister's response:
    I too have not heard of this, but wanted to send prayers to your sister. I hope the facility she is receiving her treatments at will be able to come up with a good plan for her.

    God Bless -
    ruthiessister replied to jenna291's response:
    Her doctor is going to try a new chemo next week so we appreciate your prayers. I know they help keep her spirits up.
    brcansur replied to ruthiessister's response:
    Hello again Ruthiessister,
    I am so very sorry that it seams no one has heard of this and or has this condition but please do not give up and even if we don't have it you can keep coming here just for the support and knowing that there are poeple out there that care. I know that it is hard to be going through this and feeling like there is no one out there at times of need so please feel free to come back any time if you feel you just need to chat. I am sending loads of angel hugs to you and your sister and my prayers for comfort and support wishing and hoping you find some help for her soon. Roberta,
    ruthiessister replied to brcansur's response:
    Thank you Roberta. We appreciate your prayers. I am planning on writing to several cancer centers to see if they can help us.

    We are grateful for your support. It has been a difficult year for our family. Our mom was diagnosed last February with another unusual cancer, skin cancer on her gums that had already gone into her jaw bone. My other sister and I took care of her until she passed away at the end of August. Our dad passed away in '07 from complications resulting from his stomach cancer surgery.

    We have been blessed to have wonderful family and friends supporting us through all this and we are fortunate to have found this site. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Please let us know if you have any ideas on where we can look for information or help.

    Again, thank you so much.
    brcansur replied to ruthiessister's response:
    Hello, You are doing what I would have said to do write to different cancer centers doctors and any place you can think of that treats cancer till you get answers or ideas on what else you could be doing for your sister. someone out there has to have heard of this. Even look up research centers for cancer and write to them if that might help you feel better and get you answers. Hey what ever may give you a hint at what is going on and may help give it a try. Those are the only things I could think of and have tried myself or talked about in group on how to find out more about our forms of cancer and what it is doing to our bodies. I wish you and your sister all the best and will keep sending my prayers and angel hugs your way. Have a good day Roberta,
    danishgirl66 responded:
    My lobular cancer has recently spread to my abdomen. A colonoscopy revealed thickening several places in my colon and an endoscopy revealed thickening of my lower stomach. A biopsy was done which indicated my lobular PE positive and her2 negative cancer was back. I just started today on Afinitor and the tumor biopsy is be genetically mapped to see what other treatment may help.
    sam1985 replied to danishgirl66's response:
    An early diagnosis and a combined treatment approach are helpful in improving the remission and patient survival.
    ruthiessister replied to danishgirl66's response:

    Thank you for your post. Sorry for the delay in responding. I first want to wish you well in your treatment. My sister tried Afinitor but did not seem to have too much success, but of course, everyone responds differently to medicines. She is currently on Abraxane, with seems to have slowed the progression of the cancer. The latest scan showed it did not get any worse, but it didn't get better either. Hopefully, continuing on the Abraxane will show improvement.

    Please let me know how the genetic testing works for you. Her doctor hasn't suggested that. I'm not sure if they have the capabilities for that type of test.

    Good luck with your treatment, and keep up good spirits during this trying time. My sister continues to amaze everyone with her positive attitude and spunk, which we all know has kept her going. I will keep you in my prayers.
    czarinamae responded:
    Hi ruth! how is your sister's condition now? is she taking any supplement?

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