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    Diagnostic issues ***VENT WARNING***
    stupidboob posted:
    So, this all started in 2008. My doctor wanted to teach me how to do a BSE, but stopped pretty quickly and said that he wanted to get some tests done. I was 30. Hubby was in Afghanistan. (Army wife, here! AAAAH!) Our son was 3. (AAAAH!)

    Mammogram and Ultrasound done quickly. The Ultrasound lady asked what my due date was, and then zipped and giggled through a very fast breast ultrasound, because I was too young to have BC. Everything came back negative.

    In 2009, the pain started. Then the discharge, in 2010. I was deep in denial. Too young to have BC. I mentioned the pain and discharge to my doctor in 2010 or 2011. He did another exam. His face fell, again. Dangit. Another Mammogram and Ultrasound. The Mammogram was dense, and the U/S showed fibroadenomas and cysts, some multi-chambered, and one tiny spot that "could be" bad. I got sent to a surgeon. He wanted to remove my nipples and ducts. I asked for a second opinion. The next surgeon cancelled my appointment, said just to watch it over time, he said he read my chart. Went back to the first surgeon. He said that the second surgeon was "really good" and he wanted a galactogram.

    Very elderly man attempted the galactogram. It didn't work out. His hands shook too hard to get the tube threaded far enough into my ducts.

    First surgeon says he's decided we should just wait and see. My pain is at a solid, all the time, seven by this point.

    I only made it a few months. It was just too awful. I went to my family doctor and asked to be sent to the breast health center 3 hours away, which I had found out about online. Got a referral there, because my family doctor was certain there was something very, very wrong.

    Waited the 6 months for my appointment. Got another Mammogram and Ultrasound. Ultrasound was cheerful and rushed again. New specialist said it was all clear, told me that it was just breast pain, I was too young for cancer, and to try eating pressed flax seed. Went back 3 months later, a flax-failure. She put me on Tamoxifen. It worked for about 6 months, it brought the pain down to a 5, which I could cope with.

    Quit my job as a 911 dispatcher, to reduce stress.

    My husband got word we were moving. I tried to get back to the Breast Center because the pain hit a 7 again, but they couldn't get me in before the move.

    I just got here, to the new place, and went to the er's clinic. I got a referral to a surgeon, and some Oxycodone. Oh, and another Mammogram and Ultrasound in September. I asked the receptionist at the surgeon's for an MRI instead, but was denied.

    I feel like I'm starting at square one again, for the fourth time. I don't want to take the stupid Oxycodone, but I'm just about in tears from the pain all the time. No one has ever even taken a sample of the discharge, my nipples are gross and itchy, and my breast is burning hot. I can sleep for 48 hours at a time. I feel that I might be passing away, and I'm almost releved because of the pain. I have to keep going for my family. I'm so frustrated.

    Nothing much more I can say. I'm 36 now. My greatest fear is that I'm going to get the brush off again, and then die in my sleep in the near future. My son is 8 now.

    rachael67 responded:
    Dear Friend,
    I have just read your post and am sitting here wondering just what I can offer, what I can say. I do know that the last thing I want is for you to have posted and to think that no one heard you!! You have been through way too much, dealt with way too many duds and stupid medical people, and have suffered both mental and physical pain for far too long! Damn it!!

    One could not expect that you wouldn't be all but terrified at this point. Sometimes the fears that we imagine might happen are even more scary than any we face in reality! So, given that by now you are in a state of panic and that much of the energy you need to do battle has been worn down by the whole experience, where do you go? I think you might want to consult with someone at the American Cancer Society to begin with. From there they might suggest a good breast care center which will not take forever to begin a work-up on you!! (Shame on the other for making you wait so long!!!)

    Also, you might want to check with the Susan G. Komen Center and others like this who have a reputation for good care.

    Are you limited with where you can go due to your husband's military insurance? I know sometimes that can be a problem.

    I am hoping that others on this board might join in with suggestions. I do know that you need to be seen by a competent medical team who specializes in diseases of the breast and SOON! (You are wise not to simply eat pain meds, but to seek an answer!! Again, shame on them!!) I would hope that if you insist and make a big enough fuss, someone will give you the necessary MRI!!!

    In the meantime, please know that you will be in my thoughts and heart. Keep us updated on how you are doing, and feel us beside you offering support and comfort!

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    stupidboob replied to rachael67's response:
    Thank you for your support. I feel so validated! <3 I'm trying to get my head straight, and be more positive. Every medical appointment gets me closer to finally feeling confident in a treatment plan.

    Thanks for not only letting me vent, but for caring. I really appreciate it!
    stupidboob replied to stupidboob's response:
    And now, I've been given the brush-off again. Another mammogram and ultrasound. An appointment with a general surgeon. I got to the appointment, and only got to talk to her nurse. No doctor off any sort. Stupid mammogram of my stupid boobs was all dense tissue. Stupid ultrasound was full of cysts, but they didn't look at both, just lefty.

    So now I'm still taking stupid tamoxifen and getting dumber by the minute. The pain sucks. I hope I'll get a family doctor soon, but I'm in Canada. Next appointment with that surgeon is in January, but I don't know if I'll meet her. Did I mention the pain?

    Thanks for the soapbox on which to rant, again. I hate this.

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