MammaD posted:
Hello Everyone

I just found this sight today !!! I have been looking for something like this for week's now . In May of this year I had my regular mammogram done along with ultrasound and a small lump was found . A biopsy was done and they found I have Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia . This mean's I have abnormal cell's growing in the lump . I do not have cancer , but pre-cancerous cell's . I was referred to a surgeon and it was decided I would have a double mastectomy . Reason being a high history of cancer on my Mother's side :
Grandmother- stomach cancer
Great Aunt - Breast Cancer
Female Cousin - Breast Cancer
Male Cousin - stomach cancer
Uncle - prostate cancer
Brother - colon cancer
Brother - malignant tumor's on bladder
Sister - Breast Cancer
Sister - carcinoma
This is how I came to this decision . I thank God every day it was found so early !! The surgeon said if we had not made this decision the chances of having invasive breast cancer within 5 to 15 year's was very high . Some people have commented on my decision being extreme . I ask them to walk a mile in my shoes's !! Thank you for listening .

jenna291 responded:
Hi MammaD -
I agree, only YOU can walk in your shoes. This had to be a super tough decision, but the one that is right for you.
I did have invasive breast cancer, stage II, and there is nothing fun about going thru chemo.

I will be sending you hugs and blessings that you have a speedy recovery. When is your procedure? Also, be sure to take all the help you can get, rest and eat well. You have to take care of yourself!

cindy12345678 responded:
Hi , I agree only you can walk in your shoes. We all have to
make tough decisions when dealing with cancer. Only you
can make the right ones for you. I don't regret any of my
decisions. I hope you never get cancer.
sam1985 replied to cindy12345678's response:
Hi Cindy, that is very true indeed what you said, I would suggest you to go through this article once, if possible: http://sunshineleneforlife.com/2013/08/19/3-important-facts-about-the-breast-cancer-gene-that-you-must-know-about/
cindy12345678 replied to sam1985's response:
Hi Sam,
It is a good article. I was tested for the gene, because I had
two different breast cancers at the same time. My paternal
Grandmother and my first cousin on that side had breast cancer, My father had prostate cancer.With all that I didn't
have the gene. If I had the chance to have bi-mast before
cancer knowing about the gene? Would I? Maybe.
I cannot say its wrong or right. You could get cancer
some other place . I think you have to make decisions
that give you peace of mind.