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    Newly diagnosed & a bit overwhelmed
    diamyngyrl posted:
    Hi, my name is Lisa and I just got that dreaded call today that my biopsy results were positive for breast cancer. I'm speechless... scared.... trying to be strong for everyone, hoping that will keep me strong for myself as well. I'm 42 years old with 3 children and divorced. I'm very concerned about missing too much time from work, since mine is the only income to support us all. There are sooo many things swirling around in my head right now, that I don't know where to begin. I just know at this given moment in time, that I would appreciate all the social support I can get.
    jenna291 responded:
    Hi Lisa, first off I am so sorry for your diagnosis. I know what a sinking feeling it can be, having been there. What is your treatment plan?
    Let us know and I am sure others will be able to help share their similar stories.
    I hope you have family/friends close by that will be able to pitch in with your kids to help out.

    I wish you well and will look for your update
    shell1007 responded:
    Hi Lisa,
    The Ladies here are all amazing. We all have different stories & experiences but also share a common bond.
    I don't know if you have gone to Dr yet to find out your next step, but if you haven't yet, please take someone ( or two) with you. It really helps to have another set of ears. Also take lots of notes & get copies of all reports & test results.
    Also, when friends & family offer to help....Take it !!
    Please come back and let us know what your treatment will be.
    Take Care,
    diamyngyrl replied to jenna291's response:
    Hi Jenna, its very nice to meet you. My family & friends have been a huge support. My mom is going with me to my next appointment, which is a cancer consult with the surgeon on 9/27/13. After that, I should have much more info about my status and what the next steps will be.

    I can't help but feel like maybe this is my fault somehow. I've had fibrocystic breast tissue since my teens, but still wasn't consistent with doing my BSE's like I was supposed to, nor did I keep up with my scheduled mammos. If I did, I could've caught this sooner. I'm praying those poor decisions on my part haven't sealed my fate.
    diamyngyrl replied to shell1007's response:
    Hi Shell. Good to meet you as well. One thing in realizing is that these women, and so many out here, are so strong and courageous. I've only read a couple stories so far and I'm very uplifted by everyones journey.

    My mom is going with me to my cancer consult with the surgeon this Friday, which will be a great relief!

    Thank you so much for the support and hopefully the news on Friday isn't too bad...
    jenna291 replied to diamyngyrl's response:
    Hi Lisa, first off, never blame yourself.
    I had a mammogram and a complete physical, then 3 months later found a 3cm lump which was stage II cancer. Had the technology picked up the lump, I may not have had to go thru chemo. I'm not saying not to have mammograms but it is not a guarantee it would have caught the cancer.
    Please let us know your treatment plan and I am so glad your mom is going with you. It is so hard on parents. They God mine were around to help me thru it.

    diamyngyrl replied to jenna291's response:
    What exactly is your treatment plan? How much longer do you have to do it, etc? Are chemo &'radiation the same? I think I read somewhere that chemo can be pill therapy, I.V. treatment , etc. How does it make you feel physically afterwards?
    jenna291 replied to diamyngyrl's response:
    HI Lisa,
    My treatment plan was chemo first to reduce the tumor, 8 rounds 2 weeks apart, "AC" 4 rounds then taxol 4 rounds. It was by infusion. I was stage II invasive, hence the chemo. The chemo strunk my tumor so I had a lumpectomy 2 weeks after stopping. Then I waited about 3 weeks before starting 33 radiation treatments. They were Mon-Friday until I was done.
    I went on tamoxifen for 2 1/2 years after that until I had no more periods, then switched to Arimidex, which I will be on for what seems like forever. New studies show (my oncologist tells me) that it is more beneficial to remain on this pill for 7 years, so my meds total will be for nearly 7 years.
    I won't lie to you, chemo is exhausting. You need all the help you can get, and all the rest you can get. It is also helpful to eat small meals to help with nausea, and stay hydrated.
    I am going on 6 years cancer free, and take one step at a time each and every day.
    Please come back with any questions and let us know when you start treatment, and what it is.

    blessings -
    sam1985 replied to jenna291's response:
    Here is the article which you should go through=
    rachael67 replied to sam1985's response:
    Sam...and all members:
    When you have an article that might be something to share not just this moment but also to share in the future, please place it in either "Tips" or in "Resources".

    This will insure that others can click onto those two points and get answers even if we have forgotten the information.

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!

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