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    Amill686 posted:
    female 24, last weekend I noticed that I has this awful pain in my breast but I just brushed it off as laying on my stomach I'm a weird position be night before. But then when I was washing in the shower I noticed a leather large hard lump that was in by breast that wasn't there before. It was painful to the touch and when I I squeezed the lump thick bright yellow discharge came out of my nipple. I don't want to sound over dramatic or seem like a worry wort but cancer does run in my family and I don't have health insurance so I can't really afford to go to the doctors.
    georgiagail responded:
    So...what do you plan on doing about this?

    Amill686 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Right now I'm not sure... I'm trying to see if anyone has any idea what it may be to try and figure out what to do since I can't really afford to go to the doctors or the hospital...
    georgiagail replied to Amill686's response:
    Sounds like a breast infection. That's likely about the best you're going to get regarding an internet diagnosis.

    rachael67 responded:
    Amill, if you check on the right side of this page you will find "Tips"...There are many posts regarding financial assistance within that section. Please check them out...Not doing anything, is a poor path. You need to determine the severity (or NOT) of your troubles.

    Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly! Don't give up five minutes before the miracle!!
    sam1985 responded:
    Hi Amill,

    I would suggest you to have a check here
    georgiagail replied to sam1985's response:
    This person does NOT have diagnosed breast cancer. Please do not imply that she does Sam1985.

    diytestkitsdotcom responded:
    No worries, no one will see this or shrug this off as being over dramatic. Being a woman, I understand your fears. Breast cancer has become quite a scare over the years, but don't make yourself sick with worry as well. Anxiety, at this time especially, cannot be good for you,

    You say you cannot afford a doctor's fee at this moment, and I would guess by extension as well as medication, since whether what you have is breast cancer or some infection, you will be most likely prescribed with one. This is I think one source of your fear, the possibility that there is something besides a doctor's fee that you will have to prepare for, am I right?

    Why don't you make some research first, look up the symptoms of breast cancer and skin-related infections that may occur on the breast area. Compare this with what you see on your breast. This is a good primary step that will help you a lot, as well as being ten times better than doing nothing at all and not knowing for certain. Being informed is another shield against any disease.

    From there, try to find what agencies there are out there that aim to help women with their health issues, specifically on the financial aspect. You might just get surprised to see how many are willing to help.

    And don't put off going to the doctor for too long, whatever it is, a check up will really do you good. Good luck and be well!
    Amill686 responded:
    I went to the Heath center on the campus of my university and he said that he believes that it's an infection and prescribed me antibiotics
    diytestkitsdotcom replied to Amill686's response:
    That's good! Well, it's good that it is not something harmful for you. And that you were able to get someone to look at it and give you prescriptions.

    Hopefully, you will have a fast recovery and that it heals without any complications. Be well and take good care of yourself!
    jenna291 replied to diytestkitsdotcom's response:
    Amill, I am glad you checked it out. It is unfortunate that everything medical is so expense, but your health is too important to ignore.
    best to you -

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